Take responsibility for your marketing

What can I say.  You are a marketer right?  Then go to market.  If you don’t do it then no one will, and worse yet you won’t make any money.  It’s not rocket science and really it is about the numbers.  If you have a good presentation, and I believe that Global NPN has a great presentation with the new NPNBuilder funnel, then there is nothing to stop you from having success!  I am right at the company average.  The numbers speak for themselves…  75% confirmed leads with 8% of those being paid sales.  So it is simple just continue to point people to the NPNBuilder sales funnel.  I love it!


Right now I am spending the majority of my time as a volunteer missionary fleet coordinator in my home state of Nevada.  I have 75 cars  and some 150 bicycles that our young missionaries, ages 18-23 are using for transportation.  My job is to keep them safe and sound.  They are wonderful, however I hear excuses, you know like “the curb hit my car” or “the car got scraped along the side by bushes that got in the way.”  You get the point.  Outside factors do not cause results or lack of them.  It is us and the sooner we take responsibility for our actions the sooner we will have the results we want.

Here is what I know is working and what you should do if you want it to work for you.

1.  The NPNBuilder sales funnel is working.  The numbers do not lie.  Solo ads can get you plenty of confirmed leads, and you are off and running.  If you don’t have money to invest at the moment in advertising, then do free advertising like safelists and facebook.

2. Make sure your autoresponder  is integrated for NPNBuilder.  Easy instructions are included in your back office for NPNBuilder.  You don’t need to put together a long series of automated letters.  In fact I don’t do any.  Why?  Because  Global NPN admin is sending out letters to work in the background to sell for you.  However, do send out a letter manually like a blog article on a regular basis.

3.  The blog works.  There is a completely set up NPN blog already to use for every member.  It works like a charm.

Right now, that is all I do.  I have to keep it simple because my time is limited serving those young missionaries day and night. Even at that I surprised myself by being on the leaderboard.  See what happens when you take responsibility?

Wolf Zappe: husband, father, grandfather, outside sales, online marketer who loves seeing the good in all the world. Loves to sing (classically trained tenor) and also loves to golf. Never afraid to learn new things as there is so much to learn with so much technology available.
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