Want to make an extra $10,080.00 per month as soon as possible?

When you saw the NPNBuilder funnel (if you didn’t, click here) that question was asked, and quite frankly it motivated me to go through the funnel steps and become a Global NPN Gold member right from the start.  You see, there is a plan and I can see the vision to it.  I have been making a consistent monthly recurring income online for a few years now, but never 5 figures monthly so I see this opportunity as a way to get there.

As of today Geoff has made us an offer (but it is only for gold members) that we can virtually look over his shoulders to see everything he does that has made him so successful.  Just as important his webinars and tutorials will be centered on the tools that are right here in Global NPN.  If you want access to all that and really get on track to $10,000 per month income, as I do, then you just need to be at that gold level.  That really isn’t much of a commitment, considering what you get!

This training is going to start in August.  So if you want in, just become a gold member.  I will send you the link to get in on his trainings.

Wolf Zappe: husband, father, grandfather, outside sales, online marketer who loves seeing the good in all the world. Loves to sing (classically trained tenor) and also loves to golf. Never afraid to learn new things as there is so much to learn with so much technology available.
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