“The Money is in the List, the Fortune is in the Follow-up”.

“The Money is in the List, the Fortune is in the Follow-up”.
You would have heard that line before if you have been online for any length of time. Well guess what….that statement is very true. You need people who have subscribed to you before and who you are able to contact to keep them updated and to inform of anything new you have that you would like them to join you in.
For that you need a system which will capture leads (contact details of persons) and give you the ability to get in touch with them at least two times per week. Let’s face it lots of people do not have the financial means to get started online and to set up a system. This is where “Global NPN comes in. Global NPN has all the tools you need to succeed online today. It has been around since 2005, run by a very active and reputable admin.
With Global NPN you are given professionally done splash or capture pages, a done for you auto-responder campaign, url tracker, link rotator and I really could go on and on but you will see how amazing the products are when you check it out. Furthermore your back office can be linked to the NPN builder for quicker opt-ins. As people opt in to your NPN Builder system, you are given the opportunity to get in touch with them to show them how to succeed faster with the system. You have the ability to earn 100% commission from everyone who joins even if they do not join your primary business. How cool is that. All you have to do is drive traffic to your pages. Simple enough.
Let me give you an idea of how effective Global NPN is for me. I send all traffic to my NPN Builder pages and as people opt in, they are sent a series of emails telling them about all the tools and encouraging them to upgrade. This cost a mere $17 per month at the basic level which gives you access to everything that you need to succeed online. . You are able to integrate it with your own auto responder for your own messages after you opt in. Take it from me the training courses are simple to understand and covers everything. I am then able also encourage them to join me in one of my other main income earners. This is a steal for only $17.
For the more experienced marketer, Global NPN have something for you too as you are able to make a ton of money by using the products and saving on additional costs. I would advice you to upgrade at the Executive level. In a nutshell, here is the process:
 Send traffic to my NPN builder pages and get opt-ins.
 System integrated with my main auto responder giving you information on my other main income earners.
 As you sign up, I make 100% commissions from each upgrade.
 I follow up with you weekly giving you additional resources to help them succeed.
 We all succeed together.
You will easily be able to afford your monthly payments by joining my other income earners- Trafficmonsoon and Four Corners Alliance. These programs are incredible and will work for everyone from newbie to the experienced professional just by following the plan. How quickly you succeed is up to you. However I am here to help. Once you join I will be in touch with you with further information.

In case you missed all of my many hints, here are your signup details:

 Sign up for Global NPN here…
 Sign up for Trafficmonsoon here
 Sign up for Four Corners Alliance here
I get the absolute best results using solo ads mainly “Solo Checker” and “Udimi”.
I will cover the use of solo ads in a later post.
The only thing left for you to do now is to get started. The ball is in your hands.
“See you on the other side of Prosperity!”

I am a positive and an easy going person who loves life and I will always find something to smile about. My philosophy is to do the best you can. Give it all you got and don't worry about things you have no control over. I really like seeing people succeed and will do my very best to assist in your success. I believe knowledge is to be shared so just " Pass it on" God Bless!

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