Working From Home is “Not” For You

Working From Home is “Not” For You
This topic is one which came to me last week in talking with a friend who is always complaining about not having enough money to take care of his monthly expenses. More month at the end of his money type of thing. You maybe can relate because most people have that same problem. The problem I find with him as with a lot of people is that he is not trying to do anything about it except complain.
I spoke in a previous post about doing the things which are in your control and this is. If all you are willing to do is just complain and not try to make it better for yourself and your family, stop complaining. There are lots of money to be made online but you will first have to change your mindset and your attitude. “Let your faith be greater than your fear”. However if you are going in with the idea that you will just join a program, run a few ads and get a ton of signups, you will get easily frustrated and give up. So if that is what you are thinking, working from home is not for you.
True wealth online as in your everyday J.O.B (Just Over Broke) is built, not made overnight. Most people are content to be working in a traditional job for forty years just getting by, complaining all the time. A job for which they went to school for 20 years (starting from kindergarten) to learn how to do, to get a fraction of their salary when they retire. A salary they were barely making ends meet before. Yet as soon as they come online to work from home, they expect to be making millions overnight. So if that is what you are thinking, working from home is not for you.
Working online still requires some time to learn and practice, sometimes by trial and error until you get it right. If done right however, the learning curve is a whole lot shorter than offline ones and the rewards can be so much greater. Getting to spend more time with your family is priceless. Having the finances to take care of your everyday need while being able to put by a portion for later years is a dream most people have. This can be achieved by working from home with an internet based business. Understand however that working from home is work and need to be treated as such. When done right, as little as 10 -15 hours per week can be financially rewarding. I have always said that if I can spend between 8-10 hours per day building some else’s business, I should be able to spend at least two hours building mine. Something to consider for you.
I have spent years trying various things and different methods with minimal earnings until I found a program which offers me all the quality tools and training I needed in one place for an easily affordable price. Then my whole focus changed and I started getting more consistent with my efforts and getting better results consistently. You can check out my game-changer here. I am still not where I want to be but I am getting there and my income is gradually building. Now one of my goals is to assist others in not making the very same mistakes I did, but being able to reach their goals faster.
Now I am enjoying working online and not feeling so frustrated. So if you check out the site and it interesting, sign up and I will be in touch with you, or drop me a line and I will help to give you the push you need to avoid the pitfalls of internet marketing. Then… YOU and only YOU can decide if working from home is for you or not at all.
If not there is always the J.O.B.

Until next time.

I am a positive and an easy going person who loves life and I will always find something to smile about. My philosophy is to do the best you can. Give it all you got and don't worry about things you have no control over. I really like seeing people succeed and will do my very best to assist in your success. I believe knowledge is to be shared so just " Pass it on" God Bless!

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