In the movie American Sniper, the title character often repeated to himself “Aim small, miss small”, before he took a shot.

He was reminding himself to concentrate his aim on the exact point where he wanted the shot to land. He made sure that he was totally focused on the point of impact.

That’s a good practice whatever target you’re aiming for.

There’s so much misinformation and, let’s face it, straight up BS out there on the Internet that it’s difficult to figure out what’s real.

Without focus, it’s practically impossible to get anything done. You might put out a video or two, and maybe post a blog, but how much of it is directly related to your main focus?

Are you still attempting to be everything to everyone, spreading yourself so thin you could squeeze through a door without opening it?

You’ll never win the online marketing game like that.

Who gets paid more, a general practitioner, or a heart surgeon?

Of course the surgeon makes much more money.


Because he’s performing a specialized service.

Your marketing business will work exactly the same way.

If you’re specialized in a given area, and can offer your clients laser-focused advice on your specialty, you services will be seen as far more valuable, and you’ll be able to charge much more than someone giving generic advice.

But where do you start?

You’ll probably want to begin marketing with a method that you’re already interested in.

For instance, if you love taking photos, Instagram is a logical choice. Love to write? Blogging is a popular form of content marketing.

Maybe you love radio. In that case, why not start a podcast or record audio files to upload to your blog?

Video (especially live) is all the rage on social media sites now. If you’ve always dreamed of being the next Spielberg or Lucas, now’s your chance.

Whatever you decide to specialize in, we’ve got all the tools you need to make the most of it.

We call it the Online Marketing Command Center

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