Chunking Down To Daily

Everybody wants it right now.

We’ve become a society of instant gratification. And why not? Anything worth having is worth having right now. Only problem is, most things that are really awesome take a little time to develop.

But that doesn’t stop us all from trying to speed things up.
Speed is good, but not when it causes you to lose control and crash.
The best way I’ve found to retain control while growing all the time is to focus and schedule.

Here’s another area where most people get it wrong.

Let me explain…

When it comes to scheduling, the only schedule that matters is what you do in a single day. Any more, and you’ll lose sight of the trees for looking at the forest.

As always, the key is working backwards from your ultimate objective to what you can do today. Then you make sure you get today’s work done in the time you have.

For instance, if you want to earn $132,000 per year, you’ve got to make $11,000 per month. That’s as far as most people take it, which is why most people never hit their mark.


Because it’s too vague. It needs more detail to make it real. You’ve got to break it down further so it’s more clear.

Online Marketing Mind Map

Here’s how…

If you want to earn $11,000 per month, you’ve got to earn $2,750 per week. $2,750 per week breaks down to $392.86 per day.

Now you’ve got something you can work with. Every day you’ll know whether you made $392.86 or not. If you didn’t, you’re behind by the difference between $392.86 and what you actually earned.

Let’s say your month starts, and you start marketing. If you’re counting by the month, you could make $0.00 for 9 days. At that point, you’re still good, because you have 21 days left in the month to make your goal.

You slack off, because you think you have time.

But do you really?

If you’re counting by the day, you’re $3,535.74 behind.


Feel the difference? Instead of feeling good because you’ve got 21 days left in the month, you’re freakin out because you’ve only got 21 days to make $7,464.26 AND the $3,535.74 that you’re behind.

That’s the magic of chunking down to daily, and it’ll work or any objective you’re aiming for.

Let’s take it a bit further…

If every sale you make is worth $100, you’ve got to make 4 sales per day to reach $392.86. Now you’ve got a concrete number of sales to make every single day. That’s your magic number.

If those are continuity sales, and you make an average of 2 sales per day of the year, at the end of the year you’ll have a residual income of 365 x $200 = $73,000.

Subtract $73,000 from your original objective of $132,000 you’ll find that you only have to sell $59,000 this year.

Of course you don’t want to slow down, so you keep the objective of 4 sales per day, and even if you still only average 2 per day you’ll have exceeded your original goal and end up with $146,000 at the end of the year.

There are an infinite number of ways that your results will change, but by looking at things on a daily basis, you’ve got solid numbers to plan with. Even if you don’t hit your objective, you’ll still be much further ahead. All because you learned to focus on your daily tasks instead of thinking too far ahead.

Chunk it down to daily.

You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.
Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to make it happen…


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