Secret Fishing Hole

It seems like every marketer on the planet has become either a social media strategy “coach” or one of their wide-eyed disciples latching onto the latest, greatest thing since the Internet was invented.

Not me.

While everyone knows that social media is huge, they all seem to be forgetting that it’s not the only thing out there.

People in general (and marketers in particular) have this bad habit of thinking that the newest thing is also the best thing.

That’s a bad trap to fall into.

Mostly, the new stuff is just rehashed old stuff presented in a different way that makes it seem like it’s something new.
What’s more important are the things that have been around forever and aren’t likely to change any time soon.

Things like human nature, and going to where your target audience hangs out to find people who are already interested in your offer.

Which is why I’m talking about fishing in the “secret fishing hole” today.

One of the easiest and effective things to do when fishing is to go to where the fish are.
Secret Fishing Hole
That’s where the idea of the secret fishing hole comes from.

It doesn’t matter how you hard you try, sooner or later everyone is gonna find out where all the fish are, and it’s gonna get crowded.

You don’t bother going anywhere else unless you’re searching for a new secret fishing hole. Then, sooner or later, everyone will find out about that one too.

That’s just the way things work.

Lately I’ve been looking for some new secret fishing holes for my business. Places far removed from the usual hangouts like Facebook and Twitter.
I’ve found a couple. So of course I can’t keep them a secret, can I?

I’m looking specifically for places where lots of network marketers and affiliates hang out, because they’re the people who can make the most of what I have to offer.

Here’s one that I’ve started using, and so far it looks very promising.
It’s free to join, and there are over 66,316 members, all of them marketers looking for ways to expand their businesses.

I’ve seen lots more interaction and contacts than I’ve ever gotten on any social media site, and all of the people I talk to are already interested in marketing.

So if you’re tired of wandering around on social media looking like all the other marketers out there, try my secret fishing hole… before everyone else finds out about it.

Here’s that link again
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