The Pole Dancer Sequence


I’m not talkin’ about an athletic woman doing gymnastics with a brass pole. I’m talkin’ about the usually feeble attempt to revive a dead list.

It usually happens because someone (maybe you) is afraid to give their list what they want.
They want to hear from you via email.
Why else would they have opted in? If you’re doing things like most marketers, you offered an ebook, video or something else to entice visitors to opt in.

I could go into a discussion about whether that’s a good idea or not, but that’s a different topic altogether.

Anyway, somebody gave you their email address, which gives you permission to email them, because they asked you to put them on your list.

So why the heck are you afraid to mail to them? (another topic for a different time)

For whatever reason, you haven’t been emailing your list every day like you should. Suddenly, you want to send an email because you’ve got something that your subscribers would love to have. But when you send it, you get a bunch of spam complaints and unsubscribes.
Because they don’t even remember who you are.
Pole Dancer

They think you’re just another schmuck attempting to get their money. Let’s face it. At that point, they’d be right. You didn’t take the opportunity to interact with them until you had something to sell.

Epic fail.

The Pole Dancer Sequence is a series of emails that you send when you want to re-engage your audience.

It usually fails. So often, in fact, I don’t recommend you do it at all. I’ve tried it, and it’s never worked for me.

My suggestion?

Dump the list and start over. Start emailing daily from now on, and always put a link in your email.

That’s the recipe.

It may seem painful, but it’s much better to have a fresh list of engaged subscribers than to have a huge list of zombies who just delete your random emails anyway.

Building a new list?

Now’s a great time to get a better autoresponder system. One with over 99% delivery rate and all the cool tricks like surveys and triggers. One where the price never goes up, no matter how big your list gets.

Here’s where you can find it.

It’s called MMPro and it’s just one of the killer tools in our Online Marketing Command Center.

Build a new list and start emailing daily.

Your bank account will thank you.
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