There’s No Button For That

On my travels the other day, Rockit and I stopped at the TA in Hillsdale, WY.

In the likely event that you have no idea what that is, TA stands for Truckstops of America, and it’s one of my many homes away from home on the road.
TA has a restaurant called Country Pride, and we like their food. Maybe our opinion is a bit skewed, because after a few days on the road a hot meal tends to taste better than it normally might.

I think it’s just because they have good food.

I forget what it was that Rockit wanted to order, but when I asked the server for something, she told me “There’s no button for that”.
I’m big into technology, in fact I love it.
No Easy Button
But when the technology works against me getting what I want, the technology is obviously lacking.

It’s almost as if you can’t possibly get something the way you want it, because the dang computer wouldn’t understand the request.

How’s that for crazy?

We eventually got everything sorted out, and once again I was struck by the way real life butts up against marketing.

“Hey Dave, I’d like to put up an ad, get thousands of subscribers and a whole bunch of sales that will pay me boatloads of money so I can quit my job. By next week.”

“Sorry. There’s no button for that.”

There’s no way that anyone can give you a button for that.
Of course you already knew that one, but do you really understand that after all the discussion, every single one of your prospects is looking for exactly that?
A button that will make all of their dreams come true.

So what the heck are you supposed to do?
Offer them the next best thing.
Your Online Marketing Command Center has everything a marketer needs to run a successful online business.

Right now there are over 180,533 people who have used it. Some of them are earning over 7 figures per year with our little system.

Go ahead and login now to see what all the fuss is about.
It may not be the button that makes all your dreams come true.
But it’s got everything you need to create your dream life for yourself.
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