Tire Kickers Wanted

I’m consistently amused by those oh-so-trendy marketers who use outdated and silly gimmicks to spread their “opportunities” online.

For instance, the unreasonable bias against “tire kickers”.

The term uses a worn-out old metaphor of a person looking at used cars. They would kick the tires to get a feel for the vehicle.

I’m not sure what they gained by this. Maybe just proving that the car in question wouldn’t suddenly self-destruct when confronted by a slight impact.

Whatever the reason, the interested party was in the neighborhood and stopped by to take a look at the car. Probably because they were interested in buying a car.

Online Marketer Traits

Why else would they stop?

Nobody stops to look at a used car unless they are at least a little bit interested in buying a car.

So why would anyone with a car to sell discourage interested parties from coming around and taking a look at what they have to offer?

Nobody would.

Unless they’re making a feeble attempt to market their “greatest thing since bottled water” online money-making opportunity.

Then they attempt to set themselves up as someone who is far too important to waste their time with “tire-kickers”.

These wannabe gurus want the world to know that they’re not fooling around. No need to even look if you’re not ready to get involved right now.

These legends in their own minds imagine that you’ll be impressed by their status. If you’re not, just move along. Because we don’t want any looky-loos round here. No sirree.

Of course you must be serious, not curious.

How’s that for stupid?

I suppose that if you honestly believe that someone will buy without kicking the tires, you’re equally convinced that someone will be serious about your opportunity without ever getting curious about it.

Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it?

I want tire-kickers, belt-pullers and trunk-slammers.

I want curious parties who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get under the hood. I want them to check the oil, look for leaks and take my offer for a test drive.

I don’t expect you to be satisfied with a slow roll around the block. Heck no. I want you to get her out their on the freeway and punch it. Put her to the test and totally wring her out until you’re satisfied that she’ll get you where you want to go.

Then you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth because you’ll have proven to yourself just how solid that vehicle is.

Come on over and kick our tires…

Take our marketing tool suite out for a spin. Prove to yourself that our systems and training will get you out of your job and onto the fast track to success.

The road is wide open and waiting for you… hop on in and let’s go for a ride.

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