Why Can’t I Make Money Online?

I’m sure there are lots of reasons this might be true.

Wanna hear the #1 reason?

The reason why most would be marketers will never make any money online?  The likely cause of your inability to succeed in your online marketing business?

OK, here it is…

You ain’t sellin’ nuthin.

Hang on a minit.


I can almost hear that little voice in the back of your mind.

I call that voice my brain.

It’s the voice I hear when my brain wants to add its 2 cents.

And right now yours might be sayin’

“Well no crap, Rebel. Why didn’t I think of that.  My problem is I’m not making sales. Of course not making sales is the reason.”

Not so fast.

That’s not at all what I mean.

The reason you ain’t makin’ no sales, is cuz you ain’t sellin’ nuthin!

See what I mean?


Lemme make it clear…

You spend all that time on the social sites.  You blog.  You give value.  As a matter of fact, you give away everything you know.

Ya wanna know why you do all that stuff?  Because you’d do almost anything to avoid doing what brings in money.  And that, my friend, is selling.

Of course, if you do your marketing right the selling part is much easier.

In fact, it can be dang near effortless.

But ya still gotta market with a purpose.

And that purpose is to bring qualified, ready-to-buy people to your offer.

If ya don’t make an offer, you’ll never make a sale.

No sales = No money.

Don’t fall for the siren song of the guru who tells you that you don’t have to sell.

It’s a lie.

Marketing makes it easier.

Sometimes all ya gotta do is take the order.

But if you don’t align everything you do with making a sale, it just won’t happen.  And that’s why you’re making no money online.

Take a look at how we get it done here.

With our Online Marketing Command Center,  we’ve got everything we need to do it right.

You can do the same.

We’ll even show you how.

Get started today.

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