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Everybody Loves Raymond

One TV show I love to watch is a TV show you’ve probably heard of before called “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

Yeh, I now realize it was first shown in Sept, 1996 and finished in May 2005 – but up and till early this year I had never even heard of! Maybe because I live in the UK?

I love this show, but I hate watching TV shows out of sequence on television or missing one.

I prefer to start watching from episode one onwards, so at the beginning of February, I ordered series one box set of Raymond, and have started watching it from episode one. My son brought me volume 2 for my recent birthday. It has become a morning ritual to start the day with an episode of Raymond with a cup of coffee. A good start!

Must go now, busy day ahead getting to grips with all the training here at Global NPN… this “instant blog” is part of the toolset provided.

Talk soon, Brian

Hi! I live in the UK & the father of three children – which I raised myself, as a single parent. Now adults with families of their own I am blessed with 6 grandkids! I have a long time girlfriend and we both love to travel the world, Have visited Egypt, USA, Brazil, Europe, China, Vietnam & Malaysia to name a few! We also share an interest in history and I have started researching my own family tree. I have a love for almost all types of music and I also enjoy watching and (occasionally) performing magic as another one of my many various hobbies & interest. All this often makes me wonder how I find time to make a living as an affiliate marketer!! But I do!

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  • Sharon

    Awesome Blog Brian… I love the content!!!

  • Hey way to get things going Brian!

    I used to watch Raymond with my pops all the time. Love that show.

    • Thanks, Phil – your encouragement was appreciated. Up to series 5 – Raymond does not seem to have dated at all 🙂

  • Caroline Da Silva

    Love that you’ve found enjoyment in family history! I fell in love with researching my family tree about 7 years ago…..be warned – it can easily become an obsession…but one that may just fit nicely into your love of traveling!

    • Yes- it can be both time consuming and expensive!! Alas all my relatives seem local 🙁

  • Alan Whitt

    When I lived in L.A My niece had a friend visit from Virginia. Generally when people visit they want to see movie stars, their home etc. So they bought the map of the stars homes! Well later in the evening they drove by Ray Romano’s house, and he had put out his trash can. Yes they did! They went thru his trash! Nothing exciting, but that was their big Hollywood experience!

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment! Been to Hollywood 4, maybe 5 times. Rather than visit the homes we usually visit the graves of the golden age of the movies – Monroe, Laurel & Hardy, etc. Plus ofcouse the “walk of Fame”