Where have the last 12 Months Gone?

Hello again! All well Here – Apologies for the long absence – a busy 12 months culminating with a house move. To be honest it took a few months to sell my last home of 30 years and I’m still settling into my new abode. Boxes still unpacked – so the move is not quite complete. I had slowed down on my online promotions and business. No major holidays have been taken nor planned. However I’m glad to be back in action again, but please understand and allow for my lack of activity for a short while. I also need to update my website www.brianallerton.com again please be patient if this takes longer than expected. Brian

This poppy display was taken last year at a local victorian pottery on a bright summer day!

Hi! I live in the UK & the father of three children – which I raised myself, as a single parent. Now adults with families of their own I am blessed with 6 grandkids! I have a long time girlfriend and we both love to travel the world, Have visited Egypt, USA, Brazil, Europe, China, Vietnam & Malaysia to name a few! We also share an interest in history and I have started researching my own family tree. I have a love for almost all types of music and I also enjoy watching and (occasionally) performing magic as another one of my many various hobbies & interest. All this often makes me wonder how I find time to make a living as an affiliate marketer!! But I do!

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