My Confession

I know I should but to be honest I don’t blog here as often as I should. So please don’t follow my example!!

I do however have an excuse, of sorts, I’d like to tell you about. I have my own website(s) and I give them my first attention. It’s about “branding” – so if you really want to know about me I then I suggest you hop over to I recently (and still working on new content) started from scratch (ie a blank page) so I’ve been busy setting up a new theme, layout and building the site. It is still a work in progress and excuse the limited content.

Plus I am still unpacking in the new house.

Can’t think of any more excuses for now. See you next time, Brian

Hi! I live in the UK & the father of three children – which I raised myself, as a single parent. Now adults with families of their own I am blessed with 6 grandkids! I have a long time girlfriend and we both love to travel the world, Have visited Egypt, USA, Brazil, Europe, China, Vietnam & Malaysia to name a few! We also share an interest in history and I have started researching my own family tree. I have a love for almost all types of music and I also enjoy watching and (occasionally) performing magic as another one of my many various hobbies & interest. All this often makes me wonder how I find time to make a living as an affiliate marketer!! But I do!

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