How To Work Smarter At Home (business will improve)

As The Late Great Jim Rohn once said

”Don’t spend major time on minor things ”



So in my last post on time management and being productive, in your home based business.

We looked at the Ivy Lee method.

Writing down your tasks for the next day and prioritising them.

When we start our day, we now know what to start on. 

So, going from there.

Remember that working longer hours on your internet business, does not necessarily mean higher productivity. 


Working smarter is the answer.

Managing our time — and managing to stay on task and on time throughout the day,

Is easier said than done, when running an online business from home

As you start your first task, 

Why not put your phone out of reach, even so far away you can’t hear it, and let calls go to message bank.

Set a time when you will check and deal with them.

When you do check your calls,  act right away to messages from those who are important to you.

Turn off notifications.

They will lead you down a path into social media.

Before you know it, you’re on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

You can lose hours, from your internet business this way believe me, I know, been there.

Before reading any length material.

This was another big one for me, 

Until I started to ask myself why am I reading this, what will I get from it.

 Be careful it will waste your time. 

Or at least it will lead you away from your task.

Start to work on your top priorities.

Have a definite objective in mind for each task.

If there is a relatively unimportant task on your list see if you can delegate it.

When you find a task that does not take your internet business further, leave it till more important and urgent tasks are done.

Take breaks and reward yourself, when a task is completed.

This is important,

Not only does it get you away from your desk for a while,

It also has a great uplifting feeling to it, knowing it’s one down and dusted.


A couple of other thoughts,

When it comes to breakfast,

Try to have it a set routine, rather than trying to figure out what you want. 

Sounds a bit over the top i know, but you will see the benefit, if you persevere with it.


Even with clothes, this may sound silly, but have them sorted the night before.

It all helps to clear your mind of trivial things.

So that, you can get your mind on important and urgent things.

Talking of a clear mind, STAY HYDRATED.

 This is a big one remember to drink water throughout the day, you will find you think, and work better.

Remember a successful day starts the night before, Plan tomorrow.

Talking of success.

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