The One Thing You Need To Keep Your Online Business On Track (simple but it works)

The great challenge of life: You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. Jim Rohn.


Goal setting is powerful because it provides focus. It shapes our dreams. It gives us the ability to hone in on the exact actions we need to perform to achieve everything we desire in life. Goals are great because they cause us to stretch and grow in ways that we never have before. In order to reach our goals, we must become better.

Life is designed in such a way that we look long-term and live short-term. We dream for the future and live in the present. Unfortunately, the present can produce many difficult obstacles. But setting goals provides long-term vision in our lives. We all need powerful, long-range goals to help us get past those short-term obstacles. Fortunately, the more powerful our goals are, the more we’ll be able to act on and guarantee that they will actually come to pass.

The above is part of an article by Jim Rohn from success magazine.

You can and should read the full article here


Some of my thoughts.

I don’t believe a person can succeed at building an online business if they don’t have powerful goals/ reasons.

You need to know what you are doing this for.

You need to have the reason written down.

You need to read that goal/reason daily in fact a number of times daily.

That is what causes you to keep going when it gets tough, when you feel like giving up.

Your reasons if strong enough will give you the will power to keep on keeping on.

you need to know what has to be accomplished this month this week this day to get you were you want to be.

I just don’t see how a person can get to what they want without written down goals.

Without them written down and broken into daily accomplishments then they are just dreams and you won’t make it.

I read my goals every night and every morning and more often than not throughout the day particularly if it has been a trying day.

I have the framed on my desk so that I can look at them throughout the day.

Jim Rohn taught me to do this through his tapes years ago.

My suggestion is you do the same.

Also have an accountability partner who knows your goals and will hold you to them.

I believe we could do that for each other.

Why not join me I believe we can do this just click HERE and we can work together 

All the best to you.

Brian Lee

Ps Jim Rohn says, “Don’t think of any as too outlandish or foolish—remember—you’re dreaming! Let the thoughts fly and take careful record. “ Just Do It

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