Your Online Business Is In Danger From Bad Thinking (can you fix it)

Do you believe that you have the necessary skills

to run an online business from home.



Here are some things you need to be careful about,

or you may be back working for a boss.


Thinking that because your working from home in your online business 

Then that means,

It’s ok to spend time over coffee with friends. I can always catch up

It’s ok to catch up on that tv show it will only take an hour or two.

I will just get the washing done first. It won’t take long and I can catch up.

Oh, I wonder is Jane on Facebook yet, we have to sort out that BBQ for the weekend

Do I really need a business plan, I know what I want just a few extra dollars a week.

No need to change I work from home now PJs are ok.

Just one more coffee and that cheese cake was delicious won’t take long then I’ll start.

Goodness I’m putting weight on, need to watch that.

Isn’t the website all I need? I mean it is eye catching.

Surely lots of people will see and like it.

Yes i would love to go out for lunch that new Chinese restaurant looks great and I can claim it on tax.

The bottom line is this.

An online business takes consistent effort it is hard work.

If you want the results to be lots of moola in your pocket,

Then you have to get to it and do the necessary each day consistently.

Otherwise you will be better off working the old 9to5 for a boss.

One way to help in overcoming this challenge is to have an accountability partner.

Where you keep each other honest and on target.

I had that and liked it, also it worked quite well.

I believe we can do this, why don’t we work together just click HERE

I believe we are all looking for financial freedom so why not help each other 

All the best to you


I believe, that everyone, needs an ongoing income, after they retire. I also believe, that the earlier you start, the earlier you retire. I also believe, that the income, can be acquired by any one who consistently applies themselves. I can show you how. Join me here.
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