What Are The Steps To Success?

Steps To Success

When first setting out on a new online venture you might be initially very excited, dreaming big dreams and imagining how life will be when you achieve success. Though in the next moment, you can feel like you’ve been slapped across the face with a wet flannel! The doubts start creeping in and you realise that there’s a huge gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

You think of what’s needed to get you from Point A (your life now) to Point B (success), and wonder if you’ve got what it takes to bridge that gap. You might feel out of your depth, as you’ve so much to learn, and you want results fast. As is often the case, this is where many people give up.

What you need to acknowledge is that “success” isn’t an overnight occurrence. Sure you could win the lottery, though pigs might fly…!

Your journey to success

Yes, it is a journey, path, and climb that you’ll be traversing on your way to success, more like a Point A to Point Z, rather than Point B. And success itself isn’t necessarily the final destination. How do you define success anyway? Not only does it represent something different for each person, but your goals will also change along the way, no doubt.

What steps are you likely to go through on your journey to success?

The best place to start, obviously, is where you are right now. The sum of all your experiences and knowledge has bought you to this place, right here, right now. So start here and bring everything you’ve already got to the table. Having said that, keep an open mind, and be ready to learn.

I won’t do it!

When we consider the first step on the stairway to success, we may think, “Well if I won’t do it, then I won’t be on my way to success, so why to bother looking at all the other steps?”

The phrase, “I won’t do it!” can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Firstly, “I won’t do it.” could mean “I’m not going to do it!”, “I’m going to make a firm stand on this and absolutely not do it.” as in “I really don’t want to do it.”

The second way to interpret “I won’t do it!” could really be us saying “I can’t do it!” which signifies that we can’t imagine ourselves doing it, whatever it is. We might wish to be successful though we might find it difficult to imagine ourselves actually getting there. Or we may visualise our wished-for success, though when we learn of the tasks we have to do along the way, we may feel the fear and think that we haven’t got the knowledge or ability to carry them out.

I can’t do it!

We’ve already addressed the strong possibility that one of the steps to your success will be when you think or say “I can’t do it!” You’ll probably be on this step many times in your journey. Just stop for a moment, and “be outside yourself” if you can.

Consider the knowledge you already have, the training you may be undertaking, and the tools you’re using to build your business. If you’ve found the right tools and training, then have faith in them, follow what’s taught, and learn from others that have gone before.

I want to do it!

You might go to bed one evening, having had a bad or non-productive day, and are thinking that you can’t do it. Though our emotions can be like a roller coaster, and you may wake up the following morning thinking “I want to do it!”

So get up with your newly found enthusiasm, and get back on with the process. Do the tasks you need to do that day. Do the activities in good faith that they’re carrying you further along the road to your eventual success.

How do I do it?

Chances are that along your business building journey, you might have spent time and money on products that have promised to get you generating huge incomes daily, for little time spent on your behalf, and that “their” system is all done for you and great for newbies. Though when it comes to it, you find that you’re only given part of the puzzle, and you can be left wondering “How do I do it?”

Unfortunately, that’s the way of the online marketing world. There are great programmes, platforms, systems, training courses, products etc out there, though you have to learn to sift through the crap to find the gold.

Not always necessarily the case, though I’d say as a general rule, if it offers a get rich quick overnight promise for hardly any capital investment, please take caution before committing to such a product. If you find something that you’re interested in, you can always make some online searches about the product and read the reviews.

I’ll try to do it!

So, you’ve found the training and tools that will help you along on your journey to success, and you think “This is it.” “I’ll try to do it.”

Try, yes try is good. Though the word “try” in one sense can mean that you’ll do your best to achieve what you set out to, well, try! Though the word can also resonate with a slight lack-lustre, half-hearted energy. “Well, I tried, though I just didn’t have enough time.” (How much priority did you give to building your dream. Did you schedule in time every day to accomplish this?) “Well, I tried, though I just don’t understand what I need to do.” (Did you go through the training in the correct order? Did you seek guidance from others within, say, a community group who are using the same system as you, or your admin department perhaps?)

Your “try” needs to take on the energy of “I will try and keep trying until I succeed!”

I can do it!

This leads to the energy and commitment you make to yourself which says boldly, “I can do it!” When you reach this place in your journey, you’ll be resonating at a higher vibe, and when you reach this point you have a sort of knowingness within that you, just as good as anyone else, can do what it takes to reach your dreams and create the life you want.

I will do it!

In turn, your “I can do it” vibe will grow into the firm commitment that “I will do it!” This energy you then generate will help laser focus your mind and emotions, and you’ll be surprised at what avenues begin to open up for you.

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


As you climb the stairs to your success, you’ll probably find that they don’t always come in sequential order and that you often find yourself revisiting some steps repeatedly until you’ve effectively mastered that step.

Don’t let the voices of “I can’t…” “How do I…?” and “I’ll try to…” hold you back. Sure, acknowledge them when they come. Don’t ignore them. Though do take a look from the outside in, explore where they came from, and then the reason why those voices might not necessarily be true for you anymore. They could be old voices from your past. Remember, you’ve probably come further along the road than you realise.

Keep your ultimate goal in mind, which as I mentioned earlier, will probably change along the way, though it’s good to have something for starters to aim towards. Remember to keep some smaller goals set along the way, so that you can measure your progress. Believe in yourself, do the work, and have faith that it will work for you too!

To your continued happiness & success!

All the best,


Lesley Hallows

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