One Must Mention Calgary Stampede, When One Lives This Close To It….

Calgary-Stampede-Facebook-CalgaryWell the Stampede has been on this past week and…

…. it has been BUSY! The city basically doubles it’s population for
about 10 or 12 days and my golly the traffic shows it!

…. Drinks start flowing at 8 AM and well let’s just say the shenanigan’s start early!


The other factor of this week has been it has been HOT!!

So Hot in fact

…..I got a little too much sun yesterday doing yard
work and over tanned my neck, and was feeling a little heat exhaustion.

But the yard is looking good again after a bunch of rain and being
unable to mow….

….Things are coming together for our wedding coming up
in September!

I tell you there is a lot happening and I love it!

Business is growing and scaling!

I am about to marry the love of my life, and we are making a beautiful
forever home in the Foothills of Alberta.

I am so grateful for the life I have and the life we are building together.

…….. Global NPN is part of that quest as I move my life from
full time work to full time online marketing.

THIS IS HOW I DO IT <<<< (watch it now!)

The tools and gems that Geoff has supplied to Global NPN are worth the
price of admission!

Hey there, my name is Paul, internet marketer, blogger, and paramedic. I hope people can learn, and grow from what I post on here. I want to help others succeed, and help people avoid the pitfalls I have climbed through!
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