Acres of Diamond – Get Rich it is Okay


Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. Henry David Thoreau lotttery winner (1) savemoney loose diamons

“Acres Of Diamonds by Russell Conwell’s is the title of a Speech.

Mr. Conwell describes his core belief that each of us are placed here on Earth

for the primary purpose of helping others.

To do this we must become the most prosperous that we can be.

Your ”Acre of Diamonds” is your business. You must build

your business in an ethical manner and your reward should be

an income that can sustain you and those you choose to help.

Money is the Root of All Evil

Being a southern girl born into the Southern Baptish traditions,

I was taught that money is the root of all evil.  After living life, I

soon discovered that being poor is the root of evil.  When

people are forced to steal to provide for their basic needs in

a country as rich as America… there is something wrong.

When  young black men feel their only career choice is selling drugs. we must

at least offer them an alternative that can provide fo their families and’

their dreams.  Owning your own business is the American Dream and when

done right it can release many of its citizens from poverty and lac,.

Find the Solution

It is simple to spot the flaws in our world and our present lifestyle,

such as a shortage of funds, run-a-way inflation, government shutdowns

or bad timing. Finding diamonds (opportunities) in their raw state,

recognizing them as diamonds, and transforming them into

something beautiful is more difficult.

Don’t reinvent the wheel get onboard our freedom train to prosperity.

Richnana to a 23 year old avid skateboarder. My "Why" is to help him fulfill his dreams. Dreams cost money. Desire to leave a legacy so that the world becomes an open landscaape for his dreams and those of his children.