What Happened to the American Dream?

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The question is key to our success and yours.

When you Introduce Your leads from Global NPN toSavings Highway Global

you are not trying to sell anything you are offering them savings on items they

already spend money on month after month.  This is different?

This company is growing in 141 countries becuase the program is geared

toward “everyman”  The entry into this programis either $20.00 or $100

for the Platinum membership. When you join you are given access to

the Savings Portal .

Save on Your Car Insurance

Recently one of the managers in this company reported that he had saved

over $2,000 on his car insurance.  This guy was insured with USAA.  If you

know anything about USAA they have the best rates available.  Other than

the big Wauwanesa insurance discounts… nobody was able to beat USAA

Well, our company did. Here is another member’s testimonial

Save on Travel

7K in 7 Weeks?

There is a system for all of our members to earn from $7,000 to $16,800

per month within the next 7 weeks.  The process is relatively easy.

You can save thousands of dollard per year with Car Insurance Savings

My upline saved over $2,000 per year on Car insurance and he was

previously with USAA.  Anyne who knows about USAA knows that this

scenario is almost impossible.

Saving Money is the Basis of the Recruitment

We teach members to send all their prospects to our
Video Webinar and NOT to try to  explain all the benefits of our biz.

We teach them to get prospects to –


Watch This Video It Might Change Your Life

Pretty simple actually…

NO begging, NO convincing, NO explaining, NO cold calling and NO answering questions!

We let the Corporate Video answer all the questions.

Richnana to a 23 year old avid skateboarder. My "Why" is to help him fulfill his dreams. Dreams cost money. Desire to leave a legacy so that the world becomes an open landscaape for his dreams and those of his children.