Fortress of Prosperity (Your Hopes And Dreams)

When you imagine what it’s like to be a millionaire, do you see yourself enjoying luxuries like yachts, sprawling mansions and dream vacations. Yet, becoming a millionaire is about more than a lifestyle. It’s financial security.

Do you want to invest twenty years of your life to become a millionaire? What do the young millionaires do to create their money. You must create a system that makes money while you sleep. You need to determine that a business that is in demand and runs 24/7 so you can make an unlimited amount of money.

Financial security leads to a better quality of life. It allows you to have money on hand to cover emergency expenses, fund your retirement with ease and enjoy some leisure time. If you’re ready to become a millionaire, you don’t need a winning lottery ticket. You just need to consistently follow these specific steps and plan for setbacks.

I love the negative nellies  who advise against trying to become financially free quicker than later. Who wants to work for thirty years to finally enjoy longer vacations, bigger houses, and fancier cars?

There’s no shortage of advice on how to become a millionaire, including courses that claim to show you how to become a millionaire. And while it is possible to gain millions of dollars quickly, with Savings Highway and the Internet it is possible. You don’t have to receive an unexpected windfall or buy that lucky lottery ticket.

If you’re looking for advice on how to become a millionaire overnight, you won’t find that here. Instead, here are some solid ideas to get you started on your path to riches.

Start a business that solves a problem. A good example is Airbnb that fits a need in the marketplace. You can start a business around anything. Start a business around a  need that you personally have.  Fortunately for me my need was for financial security for my grandson.  I found the perfect vehicle to help leave him a future .


Richnana to a 23 year old avid skateboarder. My "Why" is to help him fulfill his dreams. Dreams cost money. Desire to leave a legacy so that the world becomes an open landscaape for his dreams and those of his children.