“Avoid The Mistakes I Made Using MMPRO Autoresponder! Do It Like This”…

Hey, How’s It Going?…

As Promised, I’d Share My Next
Experience with you So I can help

you gain a better pathway from my
own mistakes….And trust me…

“I lost my autoresponder content
because I did not check certain elements
after I saved it and exited”…

Create Autoresponder Photo

I was heated, and asked myself
“Why didn’t I check this, That,
and the other thing before I exited

the email I just created…
I tried  to get it back…

It was gone,  POOF! History!…
I took a break! and said,

“I’ll rest a bit and do it again
when I regain that energy to
start over!”…

Ever happen to you?…
And How You must have felt?….

To avoid all the drama and tears
I  went through,
I want to share
with you the exact steps,…

including the copying and pasting part,
So you don’t have to figure out what
email to use!…

I’ll give you everything I used to
make you look so professional and eager
to do your next email….Again you can

use this content to help anyone on your team…
Up to you… so Let’s Get Into It!….

First thing I did was log into the
main site of GlobalNPN…

On left side, click on Email Tools,
then scroll down to MMPro Auto-

A  page will open up.
If you’re new, be sure to hit the box
located at top that says, to sync  your
login, (A box will appear for 3-4 seconds…

Then below, it will say Login To Your
MMPro Account…

From there, provided you have
already created a contact list,

trainings exist in back office
if you haven’t yet. You need this

contact list and a recommended web
form List ID, before you continue here…

But let’s say you have that and go

The next thing you want to do is go
To Autoresponders at top of page of
MMPro Autoresponder…

Click on it and scroll to Create Autoresponder.
From there you want to pick your contact list

by clicking on it. If you’re new, you may
only have one list. Click on it and then click

‘Next’… Then it says  “Name Your Autoresponder”
Any name will do as this is personal to you. I’d

recommend a name similar to what you’re promoting
as it can help you know what the email pertains to.

Example, “Global NPN Free Report Promo”…
Once you have named your email…

Another box will appear that has a zero in it. It will
have hours to the right in another box…

When you see this, add (I prefer days) the amount of days
since your first email… example  “the number three in first box,
and drop down menu from hours to days….

And click next.. I’m not sure when you see this,
but when it shows, you will know what to do…

It will now Allow you to enter the  subject line of your
actual email you will be sending out…

***NOTE: Read This to the end as I’ll go over
how I use ‘ready-to-go’ emails that help me

not have to think of the next email and
basically copy & paste the whole process…

with little editing***

Now Listen carefully as I get into the nitty
gritty stuff about the HTML Content…

If you copy and paste an  email in the HTML
content. You must tap “HTML” First…
this is most important...You will see HTML
in the keyboard Editor way over to the right.

If you see the B that stands for Bold
and  the I that stand for Italics (that slants
the letters) you are in the right area.

Look over to the right and look for the little
HTML sign and click on it…. a box will pop

Looks like this

HTML box

Inside this box Just paste the email
content in this box.  Or write the words
in here. Do Not edit the email… What do I mean?…


Don’t start spacing the sentences. You will
have to click Update…. all the text will be
combined together!….


That’s Normal… After You See,
Everything is All Grouped Inside
The HTML  Content Box…

It looks like a mass of letters.
First Thing I’d suggest is to change the
Font Size…. Grab your mouse…from the first
letter all the way  to the last letter, hover over

all  the content until it turns blue, click on
FONT SIZE and 18pt. (or I think it’s #5),…

but 18 point I like…

This way it’s easier to separate the sentences…
I also do two rows of words no more than 6-8

words per line, kind of like what you see here!
I teach as I do this myself…

Ok and as you Add the links into  your
email, go into the Global NPN and grab
your links that pertain to the program you

are promoting…

Make sure the links work.  and have your
Affiliate ID#’s in correctly….

Then at the end of your email,
put your name or company

at the end…Even your phone number,
or social media connections so

you are easy to contact if the person wants to
say, ‘Hello!”….

You’re Almost done….

Now the next part is easy…
Just Hover Over All The HTML Content
Above (once you went over your email,
the links, everything looks pretty,

maybe you can use different styles of Bold on
some sentences, Italics, on other sentences, etc

to  break up the monotony, and add some sizzle
to your  email….

OK, where were we?…

Ahhh Yes! Now when the content of
the HTML Box is done… we want to

copy and paste it in the editor…
The links, will not be clcikable

in the text editor( the box below)…
Here you will actually have to manually
type out you link and or copy/paste

the actual link in it’s proper place…
Instead of the words,

“Get Your Free Report Here”
and the Free Report Here is
would be a clickable, hypertext

It is not in the Bottom box,
known as text editor…

you would put the text part
of your link under,

“Get Your Free Report Here

Once you are done, Go over your text
email and your HTML Ocontent…

Make sure all your links and all
is in good order…please read your email>

This will help you catch any mistakes…

Ok Once completed! Do Not Click
Save and Exit yet…

Check the from part of your email.
Make sure it’s a domain email and

not a free email. There are videos
in the back office in GlobalNPN

of why it has to be a domain email…
Example my domain is


I created my Private domain
email mike@mikedeluca101.com

This is the ‘From” Email I use
So My email will be delivered

100% of the time… Check  your
email for spam and its percentage
score to see if it has a high chance

of being delivered!…

As mentioned I didn’t save and exit until
I did this: I added my own email to
have my Autoresponder email sent

to my own email Address! So I
know what it looks like when
delivered in the inbox…

Then Once I know my
From Part of the email is a domain
email. Everything looks good and pretty…

Then I  CLICK  ‘Save & Exit”
or you can click “save and keep editing”…

Either way, when you are done,
and You Click, “Save & Exit”

Your email will be added in to the other autoresponders…
But You Will Notice A “RED X” is in the front of the email
Autoresponder you just created….

This means it is not activated yet! And won’t be sent out
until you “Activate” It…

Simply click On The RED X and a green
Check mark will Appear…

your Email Is Activated and is being sent on the
scheduled day you want the sequence to
be emailed….

Now You Are Done!….
For the best  part that you read this far…

Grab GlobalNPN and open up your link…
That is your referral link! And sign up
under your own link….Add your best email

and keep your eyes open…
You will  now get emails that will already
come with your affilaite link built in!

Just copy and paste them as you receive
them into your autoreponder!

No need to figure out what emails to
send. They are ready to go AND!….

they come with your links Already
added in the email….

So be on the lookout for these
golden nugget emails…

Click on the links to make sure it
has your Global NPN IDs in them,

ready for you to add to  your

Til Next Post…
Moneymike DeLuca


For as long as I have done mail order, and have been online for years with tons of advertising and marketing, I realized that the value of what you do for others in really helping them build your relationship first, guide them along the way in complete honesty what you know, and what you can do to help them succeed.. Don't beat around the bush, trying to sell them goods to make a fast buck. They can see right through you!... Asking questions about their true purpose and if you can be the main guy/girl to help that person out to get what they want!.. It's NOT what you can do to get a bunch of sales, But what You can do to help them get sales,of course, but long term, help grow their business to unlimited potential that'll make them overjoyed as you become their major 'go -to' person!.... When do you want to Chat and Get Acquainted?.... Moneymike DeLuca moneymikedeluca@gmail.com phone +1(857)318-5919 My Sizzle Call 800 863 8612
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