“One Idea could Increase Your Bank Account…3 Fold!… What Do You Mean!?”…

And I know You had ideas…You heard about them and
said to yourself, ….

“That’s the same thought  I was thinking… This guy
took my idea”….And now that he’s got it,
What Can I do?”…

Can You relate from your own past thoughts
what I’m talking about?….

I bet you can…

Heck I created a “Talking Postcard” that could
spit out a script that would have others begging
to get the same script so prospects would

be falling all over each other to be the first
to get their hands on this “Talking Postcard”…

They wanted a sample right away… “What Is It?”

“How does it work!”…. I want the  ‘Talking Postcard”
for my business!….

This is one example that creates the #1 emotion and gets
people to want to know the so-called “Talking Postcard”…

Another Idea? Pocket Millionaire…. This was actually
MLM Cassettes that expressed how one got 2-3 people
to get 3-4 more all in your downline!  And the Pocket Millionaire
(was $14.95 all for you) and shared it with others…

Simple right to the point, and did all the presentations for you…
Another example….

You see wealth is created. With all the tools and products you
can use, Piece each item out, one by one….And ask yourself,

How can a business or an individual like you or me, can prosper
with seeing how one particular tool can help you ATTRACT

a Huge Audience?  What can you do to expand on
the feedback from the responses you got…

What questions did they ask you?….
What did you answer? What was…

their reaction….and what did it do for your way
of attracting prospects to you….

Really hone in on what you have…If you really
concentrate, your mind will come up with

plenty of ideas….To participate, you might have
a good  “A-Z”  plan that you can share with others…

Why Not Blog Here and let us know, so we can
enjoy the success you got, even if it’s close to it…

Maybe one of us could take the ball and run with it….
All it takes is one idea, or thought that’ll have your

heart beating out of your chest with all the answers…
And so much more!…. I can think of plenty even as I do this

post right off the top of my head…I let my mind type the words
as my fingers can’t keep up the pace, My mind wins!….

Do Me One Favor? Never give up on your dreams…
So many people are here to help you, including

Geoff Stephens! Use all the resources you
have so you can Master This Marketing

It really has everything you can offer businesses
and other individuals who should want to build their

List and capture subscribers at the same time.
As you know, long term, it’s not just sales but

the size and quality of your list that counts…
And if the List is being built FOR you….

That’s something worth sharing right?
Look at this and other reasons, so

you can share the offers given on the table,
and reasons why they’re so powerful…

Pick and choose, the ones you can add
emphasis on, or a few that’ll make them

want to see How It can help them out…
Then,  “Show and Tell”….

That’s it!…

I hope this helps you get your adrenaline


Til The Next Post…freesnippingtool.com_capture_20200530172258

P.S. You can use my post, share it, if it helps
you, or edit it as if it’s by you if it can help you…

Appreciate You, and To Your Success!….

For as long as I have done mail order, and have been online for years with tons of advertising and marketing, I realized that the value of what you do for others in really helping them build your relationship first, guide them along the way in complete honesty what you know, and what you can do to help them succeed.. Don't beat around the bush, trying to sell them goods to make a fast buck. They can see right through you!... Asking questions about their true purpose and if you can be the main guy/girl to help that person out to get what they want!.. It's NOT what you can do to get a bunch of sales, But what You can do to help them get sales,of course, but long term, help grow their business to unlimited potential that'll make them overjoyed as you become their major 'go -to' person!.... When do you want to Chat and Get Acquainted?.... Moneymike DeLuca moneymikedeluca@gmail.com phone +1(857)318-5919 My Sizzle Call 800 863 8612
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