“Create A Cash-Flow Frenzy Of Businesses That Will Pay YOU With This Tool”…

Imagine if you could get businesses to
want to pay you up-front to have their Ads

running on a regular basis with you in mind
to run those Ads….Even test them, so you

can help the business owner figure out
which  one gets the better clicks, and even sales

from your stats report that you can
supply them  with!

Not Only that, what if you can help
that business owner track their Ads…

This way they know exactly where
their traffic is coming from and

where the sales are being made!

The most important part of a
business to run properly is to
know where their traffic is
making them money, and…

most importantly where
their Traffic or URLs are


NOT making them money!
You can Do This for  businesses
right Now!…


You have the Tool…
actually there are 2 tools


you will use….


One, which my mouth dropped
to the floor as my mind was


thinking of endless opportunities
anyone, even in MLM can use this tool

to build their Team’s downline with
Co-Op Ads….

The Tool, I’m talking about!?…
Is the URL Rotator!

HeURL Rotator picturere You Can  Create a Rotator Link…
Then add the business’ URL links  in that
same rotator..

Name the Rotator Link ,
so you can add other business
to run Ads with you to

lessen the cost of the full amount


Tell them you are running a Co Op
Ad to  their favorite Magazine or

wherever you’re running the ad
with the Rotator Link that

contains their URL within that
Link… Tell them as soon as You


Get However as many as you
need to  create a decent co op


for 1/4 the cost that they’d
originally spend on their own…


and be able to test their Ads
to make sure they work be-fore

they go all in!…


Get them to Agree. Show them
where the ad will be placed…


Show them how  the URL Rotator
will work evenly to their advantage…


And Accept their Payment to send
to the Actual Advertiser!..


You can use this as a bonus
offer if  they’ll want  to Participate


getting their business promoted
right off the cuff doing business


with you! You can offer this same
deal with your Team members


in any MLM or Lead generating
mechanism that you’re using


to build and grow your subscribers
list with possible sales split evenly
in the process…


Just Add the Rotator Link
with each of your team members’


affiliate links in the same Rotator
Link that you will use to send to


the  Advertiser to Promote the
main MLM Program Your Team

Is Involved In.


The second tool is the Ad Tracker!
You can create Ad Tracker links
For Each Team Member BEFORE


you add their Urls in The Rotator.
Just add their original URL


in the Multi-Ad Tracker, located in your
back office, Add their URL in there,


and it will create an Ad Tracker Link.
Use The Ad Tracker Link for the URL


This gives your person more
data information to what’s happening
as far as unique clicks, Ip Addresses, and


even where sales are coming from…
Time,dates, How many visitors, etc….


You have so much to offer here!
With This System and Software,


This can pay you in so many ways!…


Please realize, you are the magic
to what  you can do with these tools…


You really must go through the
URL Rotator training Video…


Go through it  til you get it!
then go through the Multi Ad
Tracker Video Training…


(more than once!)…


If you need help, ideas, or
to pick at my brains,…


you are more than

Oh By The Way, If You’re
New Here And Reading This?…

You Can Grab This
Software Here!…

Til The Next Post!



For as long as I have done mail order, and have been online for years with tons of advertising and marketing, I realized that the value of what you do for others in really helping them build your relationship first, guide them along the way in complete honesty what you know, and what you can do to help them succeed.. Don't beat around the bush, trying to sell them goods to make a fast buck. They can see right through you!... Asking questions about their true purpose and if you can be the main guy/girl to help that person out to get what they want!.. It's NOT what you can do to get a bunch of sales, But what You can do to help them get sales,of course, but long term, help grow their business to unlimited potential that'll make them overjoyed as you become their major 'go -to' person!.... When do you want to Chat and Get Acquainted?.... Moneymike DeLuca moneymikedeluca@gmail.com phone +1(857)318-5919 My Sizzle Call 800 863 8612
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