Facebook Marketing – How To Promote Your Facebook Page

Today we talk about How To Promote Your Facebook Page

The best way to make sure that your Facebook page gets a lot of visitors (and hopefully a lot of sales from those visitors) is to promote that page. You have a variety of promotional techniques available to make sure that you’re getting the most value from your Facebook page.

Promote it on Facebook.

Promoting your Facebook page on Facebook itself is probably the easiest way to get a campaign up and running. There are plenty of ways to promote your Facebook page, and you can begin the process by visiting this page.

Promote your Facebook page

For example, you can create simple advertisements that appear on the right hand margin of pages that other Facebook users see. You can also create special Facebook “offers” that consist of special offers that are made only to Facebook users, similar to a coupon or exclusive discount.

Promote it as You Would Your Website.

Be sure to promote your business’ Facebook page in channels outside of Facebook. One way of thinking about your Facebook page is that it’s another website for you to publicize (in addition to your primary business website). This means you can set up a Google AdWords campaign to drive new traffic to your Facebook page, post links to your Facebook page in your other social networking accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) as appropriate, or use the link to your Facebook page when you write guest blog posts or post comments on other websites.

Promote your Facebook page

Each time you post quality content to your Facebook Page, you should evaluate how that information tends to perform in terms of bringing in new business. If you’re not meeting your goals then you can post a link to that Facebook content on your website or Twitter feed in order to drive more traffic to that page.

Physical Promotion.

If you’re making your Facebook page a significant component of your marketing strategy, then consider adding your page URL to your business cards, or perhaps even having a separate set of business cards printed up to focus on your Facebook page. Depending on the type of “real world” networking you’re doing, you might choose to hand out that second set of cards.

Promote your Facebook page

Deciding Whether to Promote Your Facebook Page or Your Website.

As you engage in these different promotional activities, you’ll need to consider when you might want to exclusively promote your website, or where you’d want to promote your Facebook page instead. Which destination is a more appropriate target for your efforts? In other words, for a particular promotional opportunity, would that traffic be more valuable if you drive it to your website or to your Facebook page?

All other things being equal, you may very well conclude that traffic to your website is more valuable. This may be because a visitor will then be at the place where you’ll ask them to make a purchase. On the other hand, when you drive them to your Facebook page, you’ll need to get them to click away from Facebook and to another site (i.e., your website) before they will have a purchase opportunity. Of course, the choice isn’t always as clear. In fact, there are plenty of situations where traffic to your Facebook page may be more valuable, so you should promote it as such.

Whatever you do to promote your facebook page, you need to match your promotion to the approach you’ve taken for your Facebook page. In our next article we’ll talk about how to find the right approach for your Facebook page.

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