How to Determine an Approach to Your Facebook Page

Today we talk about How to Determine an Approach to Your Facebook Page

As we mentioned in my last post, the way you promote your Facebook page will in large part be determined by how you’ve approached the process of building that page, as well as the types of posts you publish on it.

So you know you need a Facebook Page for your business, but how do you go about putting that page together? Here are some of the ways you can figure out how to approach to yourFacebook page.

What’s Currently Popular?

Facebook PageWhat types of pages are currently drawing the most traffic on Facebook? What types of pages are garnering the most “Likes?” Ask yourself these questions not necessarily so that you can copy what others are doing, but so that you can start to form your own view on what types of things are successful.

Look for common elements among those popular pages: Are they bright and flashy? Are they professional looking and subdued? Do they use humor, or more of a serious approach? Also look to see if these popular pages appear to be successful at turning that popularity into sales.

What Does Your Audience Want?

What types of information or content is your audience looking for? Don’t assume that the same type of content you use on your website will meet with the same level of success on Facebook. Your Facebook audience may be looking for smaller pieces of content that can be read much more quickly.

If you don’t have a solid idea of what your audience wants, you can always ask of them. Use poll and survey apps on your Facebook page to gauge potential interest in new types of articles and content.

Facebook Page

You should also look at the Facebook pages of your competition to see what types of comments people are leaving there. Sometimes those commenters will identify particular things they’d like to see.

Where Are You Going to Conduct Your Sales?

Facebook PageIt’s now possible to conduct sales directly through yourFacebook page. We’ll talk more about selling on Facebook in a later article, but for now you should at least consider whether doing so is a possibility for you. If so, you can use one of the many e-commerce or shopping cart apps that are available for Facebook pages to get your store up and running.

If you plan to conduct sales on both your Facebook pageand your business website, make sure to develop the system so that your pricing and product lines are consistent across both stores (or, if there are differences, that those differences are a deliberate choice on your part).

Focus on the Truly Important Things.

As you formulate your approach to your Facebook page, remember to focus your efforts on the things that are most likely to provide a measurable benefit to your business. For example, getting a large number of “Likes” or “Follows” shouldn’t be a goal in and of itself. In order for your business to benefit from Facebook, you need to turn those “Likes” and “Follows” into sales. You should view getting a “Like” or “Follow” as the beginning of the process by which you establish a relationship with a potential customer, and not a relationship in and of itself.

Also have a plan for how you’re going to follow up with someone who makes that initial connection with you on Facebook. Providing a coupon or discount code, or getting them to visit your website and sign-up for your mailing list, are good possibilities.

Deciding on a consistent approach for your Facebook page should help you bring in even more traffic.

In my next post, let’s discuss how to build the strongest possible relationships with those visitors.

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