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About Me

About Me I’m Vonnie D “Von” Wright MBA. I’m a former US Marine and Army Officer. I’ve lived in places others only dream about and I’ve accomplished things that I never thought possible. I am now an Operations Supervisor for

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“……and now I am a dreamer.”

My Retirement Story

“…..and now I am a dreamer.” Yes, I’m a dreamer….one whose dreams come true.  When I was a  little girl, I would  lie on the warm, soft, smooth green grass  of summer. Looking  up at the beautiful blue sky with millions

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Exciting retirement (from flower shop owner to …)

At first, I thought retirement would just be wonderful. I volunteered at the church, took a Bible study, volunteered at the Food Bank, and did Sunshine Baskets for church members that were in the hospital 🙂 I loved all of

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Take Control of Your Life

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!!  It sounds very inspirational and it can even give hype you up for a moment. At the same time, it is easier said than done. The reason why I say that is because, if it

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Work On Your Retirement Fund

Work on your retirement fund.  You may ask, “Brandon what do you mean?” Are you talking about social security, 401K, state retirement, etc. No I’m not talking about that. Honestly, be glad I am not, because frankly, these retirement programs

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Welcome to Better Women’s Network!


  Hi Ladies!   Glad you dropped by for a little chat! As a Baby Boomer, I am greatly concerned about how to supplement my retirement income and ways to implement the internet to build my online business. I am

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Baby Boomer Women Need An Online Business

Baby Boomer Women need an online business

Having An Online Business Will Help Baby Boomer Women Retire We’re the generation that thought we would never grow old! Just look at us now, retirements right around the corner or we’re already there. Are we reshaping the notion of

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