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How to Conquer Procrastination Working From Home And Win

  Tempting isn’t it but are you putting off what needs to be done ? _______________________ Everybody wants to be more productive, but there’s one major roadblock that seems to get in the way:  procrastination . It’s stressful, discouraging, frustrating,

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Take Control of Your Life

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!!  It sounds very inspirational and it can even give hype you up for a moment. At the same time, it is easier said than done. The reason why I say that is because, if it

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Office clutter got you in OVERWHELM?


Where does one begin to develop a reasonable orderly way of managing time, energy and family when managing all the aspects of a successful on line business?

I personally find the One Note from Microsoft invaluable in my arsenal of tools. It is like having a filing cabinet in notebooks on your computer.

It is simple to set up and manage. It automatically saves your documents as you in put them on to the page. This is very convenient when one is called away from the computer numerous times a day with a myriad of distractions around having a home based office.

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part 2..”What made me sign up to the Better Womens Network (BWN)?” – Initial Findings

Following on from my previous blog, please find below my initial findings…. What actually is the Better Womens Network? The Better Womens Network is a group created to inspire women to run their own business, online, from the comfort of their

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What made me sign up to the Better Womens Network (BWN)?

Since joining the Better Womens Network my eyes have been opened to a world I didn’t even know existed. I could spend all day on the internet looking at the other ladies blogs, facebook pages and business websites, getting inspiration

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Returning to work following maternity leave!

It only seems like yesterday that I left the office for the last time before having my daughter – I can’t believe 9 months have past and in just under 2 months I’ll be walking back through those reception doors

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My first blogg :)

hello there I am a young mother of two little boys, I’ve been looking for a way to work from home and earn a good income while spending time with my little boys and doing the everyday mothers chores. I

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Working From Home

How easy can that be? For most of us I am afraid there are far too many distractions!

It is easy to say we will spend a certain amount of time working around our business but life happens.

Here are some strategies to get you started down the right path.

Be sure to have some kind of office program on your computer and learn how to use it to store all sorts of information around your business

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