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Public Flogging On Flakebook


Lately I’ve been getting a bit aggravated by certain things going on. Especially on Flakebook(tm). In this particular instance I rip an individual whose tactics are hurting instead of helping the people in the group. I did not post this

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Why Do Marketers Fail?

It might surprise you but the number one reason why most marketers fail is they quit. They never bothered to pursue their goals long enough. They joined an excellent company with all the bells and whistles and after a month

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Multiple Streams of Income or Outcome

Are you making multiple streams of income or outcome? As network marketers and internet marketers we are familiar with the phase  multiple streams of income, but you may not be familiar with the term outcome. Just to breakdown this whole

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Time-proven Strategies – How To Get Free Website Traffic Fast

Which website owner does not want to get free website traffic fast?   It is a fact that the biggest challenge of most Internet marketers is generating website traffic. Generating the traffic is an end-all and be-all of every effort

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