Success – At the Corner of Action and Success Streets

A large home based business income comes by taking action with the proper tools to attract others. Your Success is right around the corner on Action Street. Network Marketing is a Contact Sport. The numbers of “No”‘s, “Not Now”, “I’ll Do It when I see you Make a Lot of Money”, “It’s a Scam”, “It Don’t Work”, “Only an idiot would work network marketing”………. Don’t Count. Only the YESES DO! Your Next YES is at the corner of Action Street and Success Street! You can do it. It is no different for any of us. The ones who succeed share their business with the MOST people, no mater the numbers of negative responses. Learning how to build your business is right here and available to you by plugging in to my group, by emailing, SKYPE’ng me, calling me, Facebooking me, what ever it takes to reach out to me.

The 100% Monthly Matching Matrix Checks we have available to us in our business, Penny Matrix, makes it SO worth it to go turn on to Action Street and drive our business to the Intersection of Action and Success Streets. Will you take action with me today?

By taking action I personally sponsored onto 6 continents in 10 days. By plugging in to ALL the conference calls and trainings, I am staying in the game. Driving down Action Street helps me get to Success Street regularly. Come and be a part of my business with Penny Matrix and get to where you want to be financially.

I have a unique perspective in Network Marketing. In the late 1990s and Early 2000s, I was working a Network Marketing Business where my upline mentor had huge success. So much success that he went from being “So broke he couldn’t even pay attention” to earning so much in network marketing that he bought a private jet. 5 of us hopped on board his jet one weekend to go do business in another city. We all had just a couple of appointments pre planned, but we hit the ground running (bad analogy for flying) and made things happen for an entire weekend finding new people for our business in that city. That was a very enlightening weekend. In October 2001, when all Class B airplanes were grounded after 9-11 when there was a fear of small planes flying into buildings, we flew in to a small airport south of Dallas Texas fully decked out (looking sharp – Black suits, white shirts, red ties) for a business meeting, and all these grounded Class B pilots were glued to the windows when we walked in to the small terminal wishing they could fly and our Jet was towering over their planes….. and of course… people walked up to us and said “What are you guys doing?”. BAM…. business cards exchanged and invited them to come along with us!

If you treat Penny Matrix as just a $7 deal, that is all you will get. $7 out of your bank account each month. But if you treat Penny Matrix as the Multi Million Dollar Business THAT IT IS!, you can earn an UNLIMITED check with Unlimited 100% Matching Matrix Checks and maybe some day, if that is your desire, you could be the mentor with the jet proving that Network Marketing is the way to go!

Whatever you want to do with the money earned here, it is waiting for you on the corner of Action and Success! Ready to Drive?

Remember, the road to Success will be covered with nails (“No”‘s, “Not Now”, “I’ll Do It when I see you Make a Lot of Money”, “It’s a Scam”, “It Don’t Work”, “Only an idiot would work network marketing”). Are you going to let a flat tire keep you from your Destination? Or ARE you going to fix the flat, keep Driving Down Action Street and Get to Success Street?

You Can Do It!

Let’s Go!

Are You Ready? Click Here and enter a valid email address on the form and I’ll give you some Free Gifts and introduce you to the Secret of My Success with Penny Matrix and give you the link and information to sign up in the business with me.

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By entering your information on the form on the right side of this page that says “Wanna Make Outrageous Money with your Computer?”, my system will show you how to use and profit from a complete suite of tools that I am using to get information to you. It is highly important to have a system like this to help you build your business around the World and I highly recommend this suite of tools to you. It will help automate your marketing on autopilot so you can even be making money while you are sleeping and at the same time add another income stream to your business portfolio. So after you have clicked on the link above to Learn more about what is available for you with Penny Matrix, remember to also get the information on the complete suite of tools.

Lyle Alexander

One of my favorite quotes is by Carl Sandberg - "Nothing happens unless first a dream". Your dreams have been given to you for a purpose by the Dream Giver. You simply must pursue them! Don't let the dream stealers get you off your path to success. I am a 30+ year veteran of the network marketing home based business industry. I have many experiences and experience to share with you. I am here to tell you that the Nos do not count. Only the Yeses do. So, keep going and going and going for that next Yes, no matter what! You can do it! Lyle Alexander is also a 4th Generation Farmer helping to take his family farm into 105 years on the same farm in Southwest Oklahoma. From this farm, on the Internet, I have successfully implemented business social networking techniques and have opened countries on every continent for network marketing companies.
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