Are your nutrient enriched foods working for you?


THIRD GENERATION: Currently, efforts are underway to increase the levels of vitamins and minerals in plants to meet (RDA) nutritional needs. Certain plants soak up minerals at an astounding rate. Our industry uses this technology to grow these plants in water saturated with minerals. The plant absorbs these nutrients through the roots, wraps them in a plant matrix making them three dimensional which allows our body recognizes as food! They meet the RDA as they are standardized.


SECOND GENERATION: Second generation supplements include fruits and vegetable extracts from Aloe, for example. Plants bond minerals to many combinations of amino acids, fats, sugars and photo-chemicals making them available to the body. Keep in mind, a single plant cannot supply all the RDA requirements needed to power up our bodies. They to are not standardized for the amounts of vitamins, or minerals therefore, are not labelled for the RDA values. Consider the quality of soil, time spent in transit, harvesting methods and what part of the plant was used or reused…Consider this when purchasing miracle drinks.  What would it be like to have nutrient dense tiny block of nutrition to carry around with you to pop in your mouth any time any where.  The popular nutrition drinks are like the clothes washing liquids, 80% water 20% nutrients.

FIRST GENERATION: Synthetic vitamin and mineral salts (USP) were initially discovered in the 1930′s paving the way for the classification of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). This determines the amount of essential nutrients from food that is required to keep a healthy person healthy. The market share of the industry still utilizes this science as they are inexpensive and standardized. But, keep in mind, dirt, rock and shells are not food!

We need to understand some of the science to cut through the marketing hype. Eating a healthy diet, PROPER SUPPLEMENTATION WITH 3G VITAMIN AND MINERALS, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and dealing with your daily stress can build and maintain a healthy cellular system. This in turn can help improve all areas of your life.

Here is a little test to take with your current vitamins.  BAKE THEM IN THE OVEN FOR 30 MINUTES @250.  Have a look…Are they toasty or do they have black areas on them?  This discoloration could suggest they have synthetic tar based products in them….



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  • Luba Kanch

    Thanks for sharing Heather!
    Brings back memories as when I was young we relied on Aloe Vera for its healing properties. I think its time to add 1 to the garden again 🙂