Social Entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Entrepreneurship is quietly becoming the most powerful business model of the 21st century. It is a powerful new business strategy that tackles global problems such as poverty, malnutrition, clean air and water and health care.

The world’s leading policy makers predict that it will be the most purposeful, profitable platform of our time leading to a revolutionary paradigm shift for sustainable global improvement.  Does this sound exciting to you?

Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

  •     Do you have a desire to impact the world’s biggest challenges through innovative purpose- driven solutions?
  •      What if you were connected to a team of forerunners eager to impact the world’s biggest problems?
  •      Do you see that linking your for profit enterprise with a not for profit organization can  leverage both the cash flow and technological support for all parties               involved?
  •      Can you feel the excitement of helping your fellow man by using this exciting model of doing business?
  •      A successful Social Entrepreneur takes a global problem; develops an innovative new solution to the problem; taps into the public passion for the cause and finds a creative way to compensate people who choose to participate.
  •      Social Entrepreneurship is a Powerful blend of Purpose, Product and Passion

The Global Problem:  Poor Nutrition

It is a fact that poor nutrition has become a global concern.

In developing countries, children receive too little of the right kind of food.  According to the New York Times over one third of these children’s deaths are directly related to malnutrition.

In industrialized countries, children receive too much of the wrong kind of food.  A recent study in The Journal of Nutrition stated that nearly the entire population of the United States fails to eat according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  You don’t have too look far to see the results.  The United States if a fast food nation.   This alone takes a tremendous toll on the health care system.  It is estimated that approximately 70% of the 2.3 trillion cost of health care could be eliminated by proper nutrition and exercise.

The Solution:  Nourish it Forward

You’ve heard and hopefully participated in “Pay it Forward”.  It is like a domino effect of one person helping another help another..  Nourish it forward is based on this principal.  Through a “donation by consumption” program you can help nourish the world’s most vulnerable children by nourishing yourself and those you love.

Becoming a  Social Entrepreneur is an easy, seamless and dynamic solution designed for someone like you; someone who wants to take care of their family while making a difference in the world.

I am part of a network distribution model directly linked into the social entrepreneur business strategy.   I am a forerunner in the world wide movement towards supporting children with nutrient dense, food based supplementation to go into their meager rations of nutrient void food.

I am the change and you can be too!  It can start right in you own back yard!  There are many possibilities in your community.   Proper nutrition ignites the soul and the brain in each and every one of us!  It makes a difference in the performance in the classroom which in turn leads to healthier, happier children with a clearer life path.  What could be more rewarding than this?

You can be the change!  Let me show you the way!

Heather Hansen

You CAN have a ‘not for profit ‘in your business!  Come join my global marketing team!


Mannatech® Independent Associate  Heather Hansen


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Hello, Welcome and Thanks for Stopping by I am a Baby Boomer transitioning from full time clinical practice in Dental Hygiene to learning how to build a business from home. I have joined a women's only group on line to help facilitate the learning process. For the past 30 plus years I have totally dominated the conversations with my patients (mouths being open), now I am interested in learning how to create a viable, prosperous business on line using Social Media and blogging. Day to day flossing of other people's teeth has not left me very computer savvy! I need all the help I can get to understand the virtual world. I see the world through a mouth mirror and think in micro organisms. In my field of work there is no such thing as a pension fund. I have lots of vitality, a zest for life and desire to continue learning so here I am. I want to continue to earn enough money to be VERY comfortable in my retirement. I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I want to have time to holiday with my family each year. We are all so busy with our commitments on a daily basis! "Let's meet somewhere in the world and go skiing, cruising, snorkeling on the great barrier reef." Joining our network does require work. You WILL increase your net worth with some diligent work! If you are interested in having a look into what we can offer you as a team. Come visit me on my blog which is in the links section right here on this page! Have a life worth celebrating every day! Namaste…………... Heather Skype--- hathor.h
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  • Corinne Floyd

    Hi Heather,Yes, great concept – there are so many ways to help and nourish it forward.

  • Trish Jones

    Think I need to forward this article to my husband who’s very much into the idea of social entrepreneurship. It is sad though that in a world that now wastes so much of everything including food that children should suffer as a result. Thanks for sharing this, Sue.

  • Great job, Heather! I’m with you on that. I’m helping a little Colombian girl, in my area, with her English skills for free.

  • Great post, Heather, and one that will get many creative minds into top gear!

  • Luba Kanch

    Great concept – Thanks for sharing 🙂