7 Insights I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

blog_imageEvery online marketer knows that to have a successful business online he/she should be blogging. It may seem difficult to express yourself as you get started, but it eventually becomes easier as you keep doing it. Observe and study people who you know are successful bloggers and keep on taking action on what you learn.

I just love the way Stanford Smith from PushingSocial.com states the 7 insights he wished he had known before he started blogging. He said two things that particularly called my attention:

  1. You need more than content because content is king, but promotion is queen.
  2. Traffic is nothing unless you convert strangers into subscribers

Stan also mentions that he’s an introvert in the offline world and that he thought he could get away with doing his own thing without actually connecting to people on the Internet. He quickly realized that that didn’t work and had to learn how to get over that handicap when he started his blog: PushishSocial.com. He saw the importance of establishing relationships online and how crucial real connections can be for anyone who desires to be a successful with blogging.

I too am a bit shy and thought that I just needed to follow instructions on how to build a blog and didn’t need to get too involved with people. I was definitely mistaken. The online world can become lonely, frustrating, and draining if you trying to do it on your own. We need mentors, partners and peers to get support from, to exchange ideas, and to help each other grow stronger and more confident. As for your readers, they want to relate to you and to know that you are for real and that you care.

To all of you who are still uncertain about blogging, here’s another quote from Stanford Smith: “Your voice is unique. You owe to yourself to try blogging.” So, go out there and blog!

Fun blogging to you!


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  • Great tips Ligia – appreciate you finding and sharing the information.

    • I’m just putting into practice what you taught me. So, thank you for that.

  • Although many of us are unsure of ourselves at the beginning. Blogging is an absolute must if you are building a business.Thanks Ligia.Great post.

    • My pleasure, Pam! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jean

    Thanks Ligia for the great post. I agree blogging gets much easier as you do it.

    • Thank you Jean for the honor of coming to my blog and reading this post.

  • Luba Kanch

    Great post Ligia!
    I must admit I only noticed the difference in traffic and random signups once I started regularly blogging. Its amazing the the power of the blog and also having great content to guide people that you might be training – 2 birds with 1 blog! 🙂

    • Thank you, Luba! You certainly, have been an inspiration for me.

      • Luba Kanch

        Thank you Ligia :O) right back at you deary!

  • Marna Thall

    Yes, unless you convert, you won’t be helping the world and showing up in as big a way as possible. Great reminder

    • That’s true, Marna. We need to be able to serve people to make a difference.