Online Business E-certificate Marketing System

A simple marketing system to create a team of like minded Online Business Marketers that actually make money every month.


  1. Join GlobalNPN for $14.95 or start one month free by receiving E-certificate.
  2. Agree to monthly cost of $14.95 for tools and services for your online business.
  3. Commit to Purchase five E-certificates at $14.95 each, total of $74.85
  4. Give away one E-certificate to each person that agrees to this marketing plan.
  5. You receive $5 for every person that signs up with your E-certificate.

Although you only receive $5 for every $14.95 E-certificate you give away, you only give the E-certificate once, but your team member keeps an active membership, generating $5 every month for you.  Three months membership from one  team member pays for one E-certificate.

Five personally sponsored team members will earn you $25 per month.  More commissions are also accumulated when your team members also give away five or more E-certificates of their own, or sponsor new members through other marketing methods.

It is not necessary to purchase all five E-certificates at a time but is recommended for this particular marketing method.  At least three E-certificates should be purchased and given away to the right people in order to cover the monthly subscription cost.

Your monthly fee is paid for once you have three team members directly sponsored by you.

Join our Online Business Income System by signing up through this blog site or by visiting:


Family man in Barrie Ontario, loving cooking and Rock n roll. Play bass and fool around on guitar and playing some of my favorite tunes. Like to watch the hockey game. TML Love this GlobalNPN business system. I'm building a list of leads for my business using Geoff's GlobalNPN Online Business System and promoting this easy way to make money online! The E-certificates are an excellent way to build your business quickly! Also building a team for our primary business. Ask me for details on where you can attend a local business presentation in your area.
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