The Four Step Formula to Consistent Action

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos, by Nutdanai-Apikhomboonwaroot

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos, by Nutdanai-Apikhomboonwaroot

I’ve learned from several online mentors of mine including Geoff Stephen, creator of Global NPN, Craig Caron, the Family Networker, and Stan Smith, of Pushing Social, that whenever you learn a new strategy, you should immediately apply it to your business, even if you feel uncomfortable about it. And the more you do something, the more familiar you will be with it, and the easier it will become. As Thomas Jefferson once said “Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today.”

I’m sure you’ve heard before that consistent action is the key to your success online. I mean deliberate action that you know is going to bring results and move your business forward. You need to find a method, a routine if you will, that works for you.

I would like to share with you the four step formula that all successful marketers use:

a)      Write  content that is relevant to your niche

b)      Re-purpose your content

c)       Write ads to help in your marketing

d)      Test your efforts and improve them if necessary

a) Write content that is relevant to your niche:

  • Find out about the questions your readers have, and answer them;
  • Make sure you write in a simple, but lively and captivating way;
  • Use your own experience and make analogies that are relevant to your topic;
  • Use a current event and find a way to connect it to your subject matter;
  • Tell an interesting story that relates and touches your audience;
  • Present other people’s posts in your blog, giving them the credit they deserve.

b) Re-purpose your content: Take the content you already have and present it in different forms:

  • Videos – make power point slides and  record the video while reading them;
  • Pod-casts – read your posts creating a podcast;
  • Screen casts – take a how to post and actually show how to do it using a screen cast;
  • Reports – take related posts and make them into a report that you can give away for free.

c) Write ads to your marketing:

  • Use good copy to make ads that will attract the perfect customers to you.

d) Test your efforts and improve them if necessary:

  • Track everything you do and see if it’s working.

–          Are you getting plenty of traffic to your blog?

–          Are the ads working?

–          Are your readers becoming customers?

If the results aren’t what you expected, make the necessary changes and try again.


Those are the steps all online marketers take to get results. Then, they continuously repeat those steps, and teach them to their partners, affiliates or down lines.  There’s one more thing that I wanted to let you know: Global NPN is a platform that offers the tools you need to take the above steps:

1)      There’s an Instant Blog for your content;

2)      There’s an audio video recorder;

3)      There’s a screen casting tool; and

4)      There’s an ad tracker

I hope you recognize the value of starting on these infallible steps. Write down a plan of action and start working on it. When you first try this, it’s possible that you’ll fail. Don’t worry! Failing is the natural process to success. Just make sure you don’t quit. The repetition will help the steps become part of you.

Start taking massive action!

P.S. Need an accountability partner? I’m here to help you. Contact me at Facebook.


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  • Corinne Floyd

    Consistent action – that is what it is all about – Stick to those 4 steps !!

    • Absolutely! Thanks for stopping by Corinne.

  • Hi Ligia, I enjoyed reading your post, I particularly like your second point, “re-purpose your content.” This is something I’m planning to work on a lot more

    • Hi Paul,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, re-purposing is a great way to leverage your own content. Thanks for your comment!