Do You Suffer from Procrastination?

Are you a person who suffers from procrastination? Do you keep putting things off and then you realize if you don’t start it soon you will never make have the task finished on time. There are usually two main reasons why people procrastinate.

Do you suffer from procrastinationThe first reason is they are afraid that they will fail. If they feel they have failed before, it is overwhelming for them to start. If they start a task and cannot finish it because they are experiencing difficulties, they do not want to tackle anything else. They are almost paralyzed by that fear.

The second and most common way people procrastinate that they feel they do not know how they are going to achieve what they want to do.

These are a few suggestions that may help you overcome the idea why you will keep putting things off. You must have a written plan and this plan involves deadlines. You have to be able to estimate how much time each task in your plan will take. Always allow times for breaks as well. This will help you know if you can complete it in the time you have nominated.

Most tasks require that you need resources and tools to complete them. If you were going to cook a cake – you need the recipe and all the ingredients. It can take some time to assemble all you need, but then it should be smooth sailing. This is particular applicable when working online. You need marketing tools that enable you to complete tasks easily. When I talk of tools here, I am referring to such things as hosting, autoresponder and your domain name – these are the very tools available in Global NPN.

When you have totally completed you task at hand, allow yourself a reward. It may be as simple as going out to lunch with friends or it maybe just allowing yourself 60 minutes to do something you really like doing.

Don’t allow yourself to do nothing and accomplish nothing. We all like a rest from time to time but you should also have the desire to be successful. This means not procrastinating and getting on with your work. I know there are jobs that a lot of us would like not to do. If that is the case and you can afford to pay someone to do that particular task – then do it. This can also allow you to do more of the things that you enjoy.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

I live on the Gold Coast In Australia which is a gorgeous part of the world. I have a master degree in Metaphysics and I love helping people. I love traveling and hope to go on another trip soon. This is why I want to be successful online so I can travel as much as I want. You can work online anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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