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Today I was talking to a prospect on the phone, and I told him that I prefer to think of all people interested in my business as friends. I prefer to think of them as friends because if I don’t get to know them and they don’t get to know me, what is stopping them from moving on to the next opportunity? As a result, he willingly opened up to me to let me know about his situation and why he is considering an opportunity with me.

Most of us are in multiple opportunities. I am in Solavei, a new cell phone company, and then a few other businesses that allow me to promote my Solavei opportunity. Looking back to a few years ago when I was in a couple of other opportunities, I realize I had difficulty talking to people about them because I couldn’t come up with a good reason for anyone to spend the money it took to become a distributor and/or a customer. Both companies I tried had a monthly auto-ship requirement, and it was hard for me to justify someone $100 or more for any health and beauty products. Yes the skin care was fabulous and the health product reduced my pain, but my friends aren’t the type to care about expensive skin care or even if they have an ache or pain occasionally. And the moment they seemed uncomfortable with the price, I stepped back. I am not the person to push someone once they say they just can’t afford it.

Fast forward to this year when my brother told me about Solavei. Now this was a company that made sense. Solavei is teamed up with T-Mobile to provide unlimited talk, text and data for $49 a month. Plus T-Mobile is a Nationwide 4G company. The benefits of Solavei are:

–  Nationwide 4G Company

–  No Activation Fee

–  No Contract

–  No Cancellation Fees

The big name companies charge at least double, and typically doubling the price still doesn’t give you unlimited talk and data. It may include unlimited text. Even if you incur a cancellation fee with your current provider, I can guarantee you will be saving money unless you have to cancel more than 2 phones.

Here’s the benefits of joining my team:

–      A team leader who truly cares about her team

–      Free training on how to get leads

–      A team leader who is genuine

–      A team leader who truly understands your need to make money

–      A team leader who believes in her team and will help you stay strong and positive and who loves to help her team be successful

Join my team and let me start helping you live the life you want and deserve:

I was a state employee for almost 21 years when my doctor decided full-time employment was not for me anymore. But I am not a person to just sit around, so I am on her blogging each day about what I am learning and how I can help you. I am loving working for myself and enjoying life at the same time. I will lead you to success by taking your hand and showing you exactly what you need to do. My goal is to help is as many people as possible to live the dream and achieve success. So take my hand, and click the button so we can started together.

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