Solavei Objections

I read a blog today, and a small piece of it started me thinking about the objections I hear from so many people about Solavei. So let me see if I squash a few of them today.

A. I don’t have any money to join Solavei – You don’t need any money to join Solavei. You are not required to buy a new phone. You can check on the website to see if your phone can work with the network. If it can, all you need to do is have your cell phone unlocked. If you can’t bring your phone to Solavei, you can buy a less expensive phone for now and upgrade later once you are making money.

B. I can’t afford to cancel with my current provider – You can’t afford not to cancel with your current provider. I’ll use myself as an example. When I canceled with AT&T, I was charged $175. The last time I upgraded, I bought the iPhone 4S. I had only had the iPhone 4S for a little over a year when I changed to Solavei. Since I was able to bring my phone with me, I didn’t have the cost of buying a new one. I am saving almost $400 this year by switching to Solavei. Plus there is no activate or cancellation fee and no contract. That is unheard of for a nationwide network.

C. What if the coverage isn’t good? – The coverage is great. The T-Mobile network is nationwide. My brother travels throughout the U.S., and he has never had difficulties.

  • D. I’m not good at selling – That’s the great thing about Solavei. It sells itself. I don’t want you to convince anyone to switch. Just give them the facts like I have done here, and then it’s up to them. Reality is that most people are paying over $100 per month for the service on their smartphone. The people who are not paying that much are with Metro PCS, Straight Talk or another service that isn’t a nationwide service.

If you still have objections, please talk to me. I provide FREE training to everyone on my team. Just go to for more details and send me a friend request on Facebook. See you all at the top!!

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