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I got a new computer Monday, so things have been a little slow. They had to replace the new computer today because a pixel was already out on the one I got Monday. Since I couldn’t really download much, I used yesterday to place ads and work with a site called HootSuite. It has really freed me up. Watch the video below and let me know what you think. Send me a friend request on Facebook. See you there!


I was a state employee for almost 21 years when my doctor decided full-time employment was not for me anymore. But I am not a person to just sit around, so I am on her blogging each day about what I am learning and how I can help you. I am loving working for myself and enjoying life at the same time. I will lead you to success by taking your hand and showing you exactly what you need to do. My goal is to help is as many people as possible to live the dream and achieve success. So take my hand, and click the button so we can started together.

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