Multiple Streams of Income or Outcome

Are you making multiple streams of income or outcome? As network marketers and internet marketers we are familiar with the phase  multiple streams of income, but you may not be familiar with the term outcome.

Just to breakdown this whole title of this blog and give you the meaning of it. Multiple streams of income is when a person in MLM/internet marketing make income from different sources. It could be in the same company due to the compensation plan structure where you get paid different ways. Or a person maybe in more than one company and could be receiving income from 1 or more companies. Believe it or not there are lots of people in this industry that work more than one company and do good at it to, but the jury is still out on that.

Now the term outcome refers to people in this industry that are working in more than one company, but they are spending out more than they are making, if they are making anything period. They have more expenses than profit. This is certainly not good at all, not for the person and you will never be able to build a solid income if you spend more in expenses that profit you make.

So folks, I am not telling anyone to joined more than one program at the same time, nor am I saying that a person cannot make a good income in 2 or more companies at the same time, because it can and it is being done. Plus, only you know your abilities and circumstances. Just be careful that you don’t get in over your heads with expenses and create outcome instead of income.

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  • Awesome Post Brandon! Too much outcome and you’ll be out of
    F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Successful…is my new mantra!

  • Melissa Ullrich

    Very good post Brandon .. I for one can not work more then one company at a time .. I tend to lose focus if I try and also believe that is is very important to stick with one business for at least 90 days and let that be your focus before you try to add anything if you are going to.. You are so awesome Brandon … I hope I gave you a 10 star I love your posts .

  • Angela

    Interesting Post Brandon and I think I am guilty

  • Hi Brandon, I’ve heard of multiple extremes of income many times, and I admire those who are able to do it. I’m making sure I can be successful at one good income for now.