You really don’t have to make this hard. It really is just doing the mundane to success…Have fun with this. People can detect desperation and then they will feel that YOU really don’t know what you’re doing. You can promote like an “expert” even if you’re NEW doing this Systematic Process! So let’s get started!

1) OFFER SOMETHING FREE: Leadskimmer really works. It’s not complicated and was the 1st of its kind in the industry. It gives you a fast way to gain leads for FREE and a wonderful one-time payment to get income from this over and over again. Also you can get the paid version for just $1 which includes a full marketing suite. SO AWESOME! (FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE RIGHT AND SIGN UP FOR $1 TRIAL AND ACCESS TO PAID VERSION OF LEADSKIMMER!)
2) LOOK PROFESSIONAL: Show prospect how to use a domain name to be more professional. How you can share your online business offline with very little effort using a simple domain name. Also fat wallet has a way you can get your domain for cheap and earn cash back and referral program.
3) DO A MONEY MAKING ACTIVITY:  Most people feel they must promote their primary business up front. That is not necessarily true and it’s harder to stand out…because everyone is doing that. Start people out with something EASY!! Something anyone can do. Make it an INSTANT program and a program that requires constant activity. Why? Because those are the people you want in your primary business. You want someone who will do the mundane and therefore be earners and leaders in your business. BIG PLUS…YOU GET PAID INSTANTLY! No waiting on a matrix to fill, No waiting for monthly payouts, No sharing with up lines! JUST YOU MAKING INSTANT CASH! It helps pay for residual income program…which is where the REAL WEALTH LIES!



So If you’re Ready…Go Here===> http://helpfulmentor.com/2people/get2aday/

Here is the Youtube video I that  was endorse by Geoff Stephen himself. I felt like I should share it!==> http://youtu.be/8aVf4UxMeHw

I will teach you all the tips and tricks on how to get 2 people a day in your business. Let me help you find success at last!

That’s if for Now…CHEERS!!


I am a Bubbly-Fun loving Entrepreneur that notices one thing about people. That thing is that most people want to be successful. They want to so bad that look all around on the internet in hopes to find that one thing that will lead them to success and wealth in what is important in life. Health, Wealth and Security. I know I have been there too! Now you have find it in Global NPN. And I would love for you to join me in this journey. I have a happy home here and it is helping leverage my other businesses online. So get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! Welcome to Global NPN!!!
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