Top 2 Reasons: “Why Use Landing Pages?” (Part 1)

My Top 2 Reasons On Why You Should Use  Landing Pages

Well so far …its been fun blogging every week…I am trying to keep up to 2 times a week and I will be starting a Youtube Channel with extra Tips and Tricks. Any way I love to engage with you guys…so I will keep it coming. In today’s Blog…I will be sharing my Top 2 reasons why you shouldn’t skip the process of using a Landing Page. There are so many reasons…but these are my TOP 2.

  1. CONVERSIONS: You want to convert as many of your potential buyers, subscribers etc… to sales, readers etc. If you are not capturing the lead and building a relationship through email, newsletters, videos, sms or audios…then it is near impossible to build your business to a thriving one. Building a LIST and then learning how to convert those leads all begins with the Landing Page.
  2. DISTRACTION: YES for me to Eliminate Distractions is PARAMOUNT! We are so distracted by social media…Facebook, Instagram, Youtube ads and all those other things that move the eye away from the FOCUS…YOUR BUSINESS! To eliminate that a capture page can be a place where all eyes are on what YOU are sharing….so that the reader or listener can get engaged in whatever you are sharing.

So I am going to demonstrate in this video How you can create one pretty easily and in my NEXT BLOG, I will attach an email campaign to share how you can talk to your new subscriber. Ok…now…Take a peek!!

I would love for you to see all the rest of my Blogs/Vlogs and I hope that in some way will help you with whatever you are sharing online. If you want access to it, Click Below!


I look forward to sharing the rest of the Landing Page Information in Part 2. Until then …its best to have the tools you need as I mentioned in the video. If you have all you need GREAT! Then all you need do is implement.  If you DO NOT then make sure you click on the link below to get the tools you will need! You can find them by Click on the Button Below:


Well That’s if for now. TAKE ACTION and I’ll See you in the Next Blog!



If you have any questions about what I am sharing…would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below Ok?

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