Attraction Marketing Eh?

Ah, yes.

Attraction marketing

 I’ve been hearing this BS knocked around the ‘Net for over 8 years.

What a load.

Lots of people would have you believe that all ya gotta do is put some stuff up online and pretend to be a guru.



Can you even imagine somebody wanting to be called that?

 Anyway, they say stuff like “walk the talk” and “fake it til you make it” and other lame cliches that’ll make you just about as much money as sitting on your couch and thinking joy-joy thoughts all day.

 Thanks, The Secret.

Here’s the thing.

If ya wanna attract, ya gotta produce.

It’s that simple.

Nobody cares who you are until you’re the one making things happen.

Getting things done.


What does producing mean?

Making lots of sales and earning lots of money.

THAT’S what drives attraction.

Not strutting around in front of a big house or expensive car with an umbrella drink in your hand.

Wanna be a Top Producer and start attracting more customers?

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