Do this or Your Business Will Die

List building.

Probably one of the most important activities for any business whether online or off.

I like to look at my list as 3 separate groups of people.

First, there are the prospects.

These are folks that have come into contact with my business and are interested in what I have to offer them.


Second come the customers.

They are former prospects that have decided to take a chance on me and buy.

Last are the clients.

Clients are customers who continue to buy and upgrade.

They’re the people who I’m serving at the highest level.

Why is all this important?

Because you’ll speak to these different groups about different things and in a different way.

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

The first thing we’ll concentrate on is building that initial list of

The good news is that it’s a simple process.

The not so cheery news is that it’s not easy at first.

The anchor of your list building efforts is your optin page.

You can call it a squeeze page or landing page too.

Whatever works for you is good.

Everything you do online should have a single purpose.

An ad’s purpose is to get a click.

The squeeze page’s purpose is to collect an email address.

The sales page’s purpose is to get a sale.

And so on.
If you’re not using ads, you’ll be using articles, videos or audios to do the job.

Yet the same advice holds true.

The purpose is always to get a click.

Which leads to a squeeze page.

And collects an email address.

The reason is simple.

Have you ever heard the saying “Amateurs focus on the front end.

Professionals focus on the back end.”?

The front end is your initial sale.

The back end is upsells and continuity.

Your back end is created by the relationship you have with your prospect or customer.

The primary way you have to interact with them is through email.

We’ll talk about email tomorrow.

Until then, go here to get started building your online empire

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