I once loved Spam

No kidding.

Loved the stuff. I’d cut both ends off the can and push the Spam thru from one side. I’d do that because it allowed me to slice it very thin. Once I had several slices as thin as I could slice ’em, I’d fry ’em up. I’d fry them until they were almost burnt.

In fact, sometimes they did get pretty singed.

By the time I was done, they were practically Spam chips. I’d double layer ’em on a slice of bread and douse them with ketchup. Man that stuff was good.

I bet if I tried to eat Spam today I wouldn’t even be able to swallow it.

Tastes change with the times.

Nowadays I’ve had enough of Spam.

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Not the kind that comes in a can.

The email kind.

I’m not talking about the stuff that shows up in my mailbox. I’m talkin’ bout the stuff I’m sending out. I don’t send Spam, but my email system has a huge list of words that are looked at as possible Spam words.


It’s unbelievable the words that are flagged as used in Spam.

There’s lots of ’em.

Too many if you ask me.

Makes it rather difficult to write a decent email sometimes. You’ve gotta go thru and change any words that look like Spam so the email will get delivered. Sometimes it takes longer to weed out the flagged words as it did to write the email.

Yep, I’ve had enough of the possible Spam words.

But it’s not all bad.

In fact, I appreciate the fact that my email system helps me out like that.

Does yours?

Is your email system lookin’ out for you like mine looks out for me?

If not, you may want to take a look at mine.

It’s part of my Online Marketing Command Center.

You can check it out here.

Make sure the emails you’re sending out make the grade.

The last thing you want is to be branded a Spammer by the email Gods.

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