Just Say No

Remember Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug program?

Lots of people made fun of it. (after all, everything a politician has ever done has been made fun of). I’m not sure whether it had any effect at all on drug use, but the saying just sticks with you.

This may sound a bit wacky, but it’s a good thing when people say No to you.

Don’t freak out on me. Even though everybody and their mom is all against negativity, No is a good word. When someone says No, that’s when the real conversations start.

Marketers and sales people are constantly told to get the prospect saying Yes. But what do you say when you want to get rid of someone?

That’s right, you say Yes. You don’t really mean Yes, you just want the person talking to you to go away.

It’s the same thing as when someone tell you “You’re right”. They may believe that you are, in fact, right. They may agree with whatever it is you’re telling them they should do. They might even know deep down that they should take whatever advice you’re offering.

But do they?

Will the sun ever rise in the West?

I think not.

So marketers do everything they can to get someone to say Yes, when they should be looking to get a No.

Someone who takes the time to point out reasons they don’t want your product or service is thinking about it. They won’t plunk down their money without checking things out.

If they’re really interested, they’ll ask questions and look for reasons for and against so they can make an informed decision.

There’s another good reason to embrace the concept of No.

When you accept the other person’s right to refuse your offer, and let them know that you’re fine with their right to say No, their guard will come down. They’ll see that you’re not just trying to get their money. You’ll come across as someone who is simply trying to find out if your offer suits them or not.

That goes a long way towards building up your credibility, because almost everyone else is still stuck on the Yes train.

While they’re all looking for a Yes, you’ll be satisfied with accepting a No.

You’ll make a lot more sales, too.

Give it a shot.

The next time you’re building out a landing page or sending an email, do it from the perspective that your offer may not be right for everyone. You’ll have a lot less pressure, and your readers and visitors will feel less pressure too.

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