Marketers Should Do It Every Day

Been a huge uproar over frequency of emailing lately.

I say mail every day, and I’m right.

Here’s why

Mailing every day does you more good than it does for anybody else.

If you mail every day you will…

1) write better emails (and blog posts, and video scripts and podcasts)

2) learn how to get your point across quickly and accurately

3) you’ll get better at telling stories and relating them to your offer

4) your list will be smaller, yet more responsive (saves money and improves your numbers)

5) build a stronger relationship with your list

And here’s the biggie…

There are formulas out there for everything

Triggers, emotional involvement, NLP, hypnotic writing, and on and on and on. When you’re looking for formulas and steps to include and all the other crap, you lose sight of what you’re all about.

You’ll begin to concentrate on whether your email is designed properly to get the desired response.

That’s not so good.

Much better is when you email every day, because your focus is on writing better emails.


messy-deskEntertaining your readers and giving them something to keep coming back for.

You’ll work on becoming the trusted friend that your audience can’t get enough of, and make a bunch more money because of it.

If someone doesn’t wanna hear from you every day, you’ve got 1 of 2 challenges…

1) your emails suck

2) the person in question will never buy from you anyway

If you’re emailing every day, you’ll take responsibility for the fact that your message is weak and work on improving it.

If you’re not emailing every day, it’s likely you’ll blame your results on not having the right formula and waste time attempting to figure out what to do to “get people to buy your stuff”.

Can the formulas.

Spend your time practicing your craft by writing every day.

You, your clients, and your bank account will be glad you did.

P.S. This post will go out as one of my daily kick-butt emails.

Everything that happens to you is email fodder.

Use it.

Here’s how I make the most out of my emails


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