Selling Required

If you aren’t selling anything, you’re not in business.

One of the stupidest things that will attract lots of lottery-minded people is the idea that they don’t have to sell. “Sell Without Selling” is a myth, a lie, and a feeble attempt at fooling the uninformed.

You MUST sell something if you’re in business.

Nothing sells itself.

If human beings didn’t breathe automatically without thinking about it, we’d have to sell them air.

Lots of people would suffocate and die because they’re too lazy to put forth the effort to breathe.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh. 🙂

After being in business online for over 9 years, investing over $100k in education (and stupid marketing moves) and going through some very rough times emotionally and financially, things like “you don’t have to sell” tend to aggravate me.

Anyone who believes in that probably still believes in the Tooth Fairy.

The problem is that most people have no idea what selling is or how to do it.

They like to say “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.”


People love to OWN stuff. If they didn’t have to buy it, all the better.

Why do you think FREE is such a huge attractor and people will take almost anything as long as it’s free? It’s because everyone loves to get something for nothing.

Too bad that doesn’t exist.

No matter what it is, someone had to pay for it in one way or another.

If you’re going to succeed with your online marketing business, you’d better come to grips with the fact that until someone buys something, you won’t get paid.

That’s a cold, hard fact.

Here’s another one.

The better you get at selling, the more people will buy, and the more money you’ll make.

Marketing is the quickest path to a sale.

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Sometimes the hardest part about marketing is getting started.

There are so many different methods, platforms and tactics that it’s hard for someone who’s new to decide exactly what they should do.

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