The Screw-Up Fairy Strikes Again

A few months ago I joined a group on Facebook because it feels right.

I introduced myself and I got plenty of warm welcome.

As days went by I shared one of Rebel’s business blog and it was a hit.

Without a warning there’s this leech who crawled into my post and posted something awesome.

He said “I got a good blog” and encouraged me to keep writing.

So, I thanked him.

Apparently, that was a welcome trap because this skittish marketer was there to get me from the very beginning.

Over a period of months he became part of my blog responders.

Then one day he asked us to have a logo for our business and he said he know a chick who does it for $25.00 because he has been using her for his logos.

So, I emailed this lady and I told her what I wanted for a logo.

Right off the bat, she questioned why I chose a logo that doesn’t make sense.  I explained to her what those symbols mean to us.

Instead of agreeing, she then blurted out she has been designing logos for so many years and ours is going to fail.

Conversation went on and no matter what I said… she kept insisting we are doing it wrong.

She said if our logo is not aligned to what our business is all about it will be an epic fail.

I raised my eyebrows because I couldn’t believe what I was dealing with.

A simple situation of asking someone to draw us a logo become a battle of opinion.

After ten minutes of going back and forth and attempting to keep my coolness I was exhausted.

So, I finally ended up asking her for the last time this question, “Are You Going to draw us a logo or not”?

It got quiet for twenty minutes so I know by then she will decline my request.


All of a sudden… I heard an incoming mail and her response to me was…. Yes, I am going to draw you a logo but she once more explained what we are attempting for her to draw is not going to work.  She kept on and on on her email.


I was flabbergasted, exhausted and irritated with the whole thing.

I walked away from my computer and realized something very important.

People like her can screw up your focus and your intention.

My advice to anyone who starting with their online business is this… BE FIRM and do not let anyone tell you what they think is right for your business… especially if they really don’t know the type of business you are in.

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